Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 Month Bandiversary

Yesterday was my 6-month bandiversary. I tried to write yesterday, however, with 3 (nearly) ten year olds with aspirations on their video games, I was over-ruled!

I still don't have the proper time to write today like I want to.... but I'm going to try and carve out 1 hour, three times per week, for personal blog time, since I think it's important to be here, and log my progress, and talk to all of you about what works, what doesn't, and how to tweak the things that fall through the cracks.

At the end of June 2009, I went to my Lap-Band doctor for the first time. I weighed 365.

Yesterday...... February 6, 2010, I weighed 265. What a wonderful way to celebrate a Bandiversary by also hitting a monumental number!!!!!!

With no further adieux......


  1. Congrats x 100! That's incredible...looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the first six months!

  2. That's right K Baby !! Knock that sucker out of the park !! Freaking Fantabulous lady so INcrEdIBlY PRoUd of you !!!!!!!!
    WOrk it Sexy Momma !!

  3. Amazing! I am thoroughly impressed by your success! Wow! Congratulations!

  4. Holy cow... 100 pounds... amazing! Congrats! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How wonderful to reach 100 in 1 year! That is a great accomplishment and you should be very, very proud of yourself! Great job!


    100 pounds. don't you just feel like telling EVERYONE (whether you know them or not) on the street? I know i did!


    And i agree about the blog time. that and support group are my "must do"s.