Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween - It's my wedding anniversary!!

I'll have to make a mental note to go into the photo archives in the house, and see if I can't scare up our wedding pictures! I wore a black dress and veil, my husband was a punk rocker. My maid of honor was a vampire, the best man, Caesar!

I probably weighed about 280-300 when we got married.

Sunday's are my weigh ins...... so today I clocked in at:


I am not changing my goal of getting to Onederland by New Years day, though. I think I just need to keep my nose to the grindstone, and let the chips pounds fall where they may! I've been super diligent, and totally behaving, and am getting rewarded!

I haven't had any super restriction issues that I was having a few weeks ago, which is nice. I was getting clogged when I drank coffee..... and honestly, that's just blasphemy! Coffee is one of my "vices" and dammit, I am NOT giving it up. (mostly cuz, I'd NEVER poop again!!)

I've been on a colon cleanse this week as well. However.... my colon laughs at this cleanse, and I needed to take 3 rounds of veggie lax two days ago to get things moving along. I'm not sure what this problem is, but it's just NOT resolving. Can blueberries constipate? That's one item that I eat daily..... 1 cup of blueberries in my delicious protein smoothie. I'm going to have to research that. UGH..... I suppose I could swap in strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc..... but blueberries really do it for me! I usually have at least 3-4 cups of coffee before/during/after breakfast.

I eat a salad just about every day for lunch, so that can't be it. I rarely put cheese in my salads..... they usually consist of romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, a few croutons, and some full fat dressing (I'd rather have full fat, than light..... which is usually filled with sugar) so that should be a colon blow on it's own..... dontchathink?

Dinner is whatever I made for the family..... typical meat/starch/veggie. I have a glass of milk before dinner.

Late snack is yogurt with homemade Chocolate Granola (will post recipe soon....) and I usually have few glasses of crystal light before/during the snack.

If I had a normal poop every few days, I'd be thrilled....... but this stuff is desert dry... with tumbleweeds and skeletons!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

That's a good scale!


If I could only get my kids to listen like my scale did! 

I *did* shake the garbage can at it...

So...... 9.3 pounds until ONEDERLAND!!!!!!

Come to momma!

Momma wants.........

MOMMA WANTS VERY BADLY wants to say goodbye to the 210's! I've been here a while, and although a nice trip, I'd like to start my 10 pound countdown to:

I honestly don't expect to be in Onederland until January 1st.......

But I've been hanging around 211-213 for too long now..... I managed to squeeze out a 210.4 yesterday......

Can momma get a 209????????

Will update later....... weigh time is in 20 minutes...... but I'm gonna be PISSED if I don't get a 209!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No no....... too sexy!

My goal weight is EXACTLY 35 pounds away!


It seems so close..... yet so far! I average about 5-6 pounds lost/month...... so that's about 6 months away, but I'll give myself until August 6, 2011 (my 2nd bandiversary date) to hopefully get there.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

BTW......... I went to the mall the other day looking like this:

so, as I'm sitting on a bench and waiting for H&M to open, I look up to see this 20-something year old boy looking at me, and when I did look up he says (sooooooo loudly)

"MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ you are TOO sexy! If you were 20 years younger, I'd take you home, and cover you from head to toe in EVOO"

Then he went on, lamenting about candles, and music, and breakfast.......

Me, on the other hand, was like "20 YEARS YOUNGER"?!!!!!!?!?!?!

If I weren't so old and addled with dementia, I might have said "Well, if you were 5 years YOUNGER, perhaps it would happen!"

However....... all I did was smile, and count the seconds until H&M pulled up the gates!

BTW....... those pix up me up there?

I'm rocking size 16 Torrid skinny jeans! (please say that like Amy Poehler, when she's saying "and I'm rocking ONE LEG!")

OK...... it's time for some geritol, because it's 4:50pm, time for bed!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Since when do I start to SLIME when I drink coffee? Apparently.... since this week.

I got a fill a few weeks ago, and am currently sitting at 10cc, and find that first thing in the morning, only liquids will do..... and yesterday morning, even liquids were crabby as shit!

I've also started drinking Crystal Light Strawberry Orange Banana..... and noticing a burning feeling while it's going down. I'd been on coffee, water, tea only for quite a while (did I mention wine? weekends only!) and it's REALLY noticeable that I have a burning sensation when I drink the Crystal Light (well... I'm lying here..... it's actually the cheap-ass Kroger equivalent)

WTF gives? Choking on my coffee?? Burning with SF fruity drink? Don't tell me I'm having an issue with citric acid in the drink? C'mon!

I've also NOT had heartburn since getting the band, assuming that the fundoplication that I had along with it helped... but I've noticed a small amount lately. I'm going to chalk it up to feeling extra tight lately...

I so don't want an un-fill...... I **really really really** want to get to Onederland ASAP, and an unfill would certainly deter that.

Last I checked, I was bouncing between 211- 213, so, I'm holding steady. I was hoping to see 209 this week, and say goodbye to the 210's all together. It will happen.... I have to be patient!

BTW...... I have my consultation with a plastic surgeon on the 15th of November. I need to talk about these dangly bits. My tee-tahs are KILLING ME! Not only do they hurt by my armpits, but because I just ovulated, they're swollen and PISSED. (btw...... ovulation = tight band???)

I'm having problems in my back, between my ribs with the connective tissue..... thinking that my teetahs or this apron of skin/flab from being FAT and having a triplet pregnancy, or both, are pulling on my shoulders/back, and causing some pulling on my ribs.

While there, we'll also address my flying squirrel problem (some people call them batwings.... I'm SO past batwings, it's not funny..... the only thing I could equate to it was a flying squirrel) and these THIGHS...... I have saddle bags, at least 10 ass cheeks, and these lumpy lumps on the back of my thighs that all need to be quarantined!

I think it was Heather who said that there's a science experiment going on under her clothes. AMEN Sister!

I can't even wear pajamas comfortably anymore, because of SLAPPING. Plus..... you can HEAR my junk wiggling/jiggling/flapping/swearing from down the hall!

I have about 35 pounds to goal...... figuring that will take me about 6-7 months, plus about 3 months to sit at goal..... I figure this time next year I'll start getting ready to be the new benefactor to my local burn unit (wonder if they'll take donations? They'll really dig one of my tattoos that are going to be lost in the tummy tuck!)

Hmmmmmm........ think I'll get a 35 pound ticker!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I think I know my goal

So..... after thinking about it last night, I think my goal is:


That would be a loss of exactly 200 pounds.

I can revisit if necessary, but I honestly just don't think 150 is an attainable goal..... while I think 175.5 is.

So...... that's my new goal!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I think I need a goal?

I think I need a goal.

I've been concentrating pretty hard on mini-goals (current: get to 199 by January 1st) and just couldn't wrap my head around ONEDERLAND at all, and now that I'm approaching it, I'm at a loss.

I'm 5'6" tall, and probably medium build. I have always had bigger thighs/calves/booty. 

Whatever the case, I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon on November 15th, for a 2 hour weight loss plastic surgery consultation. I'm paying $150.00 for the appt., and they take that off the cost of the procedure, AND I get 2 free facial peels that cost $65.00 each. So..... no complaints.

If my goal is 165, and I'm currently losing at about 5lb/month, that puts me at July 2011 when I hit goal, so I shouldn't really have surgery until around January 2012.

BUT..... I'm having problems with my ribcage. The tissue in between my ribs is starting to burn/ache. I think it's because of my chest/tummy, and all that excess skin/flab.

I am also having problems with my arms, specifically where I shave my armpits.... because of all the wiggly/jiggly/loosey goosey stuff there, I'm suffering big cuts, and chafes. I also have to tuck all that stuff into my bra.

I think it was Heidi that said it was a "science experiement" underneath her clothes. Well said.

My insurance is BCBS..... you'd think it was good, right? I'm an individual payee..... I am self employed and my husband is a contractor. That means, individual plan. They refused to pay for my lap-band (people were taking advantage of the individual plan.... that's what they said to me) and currently, I pay $485.00/month for a family of 5, with a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR deductible. No typos..... in order to keep it "affordable" at $485/mo, I had to bump my deductible that high.

I'm going to have to see if I can't shop around for something better, with better coverage, and a lower deductible.

Either that...... or I have to get a job outside of the home?

Or I can wait until 2014, where the government's new laws prevents my healthcare company from excluding me from a group plan, just because I am a sole prioprietor.

I think they would probably pay for a breast reduction/lift, since I'm having pain. But..... $10,000 deductible, what's the diff if the cover or not?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Onederland...... you're in my site!

I haven't weighed this since college..... could even be high school, not sure about that.

I can't believe I'm 15 pounds away from that place..... that lovely, lovely place that I haven't seen since about 1985.

Things I've noticed:

• I can sit in my office chair without my legs getting squashed on the sides anymore
• I can sit in my office chair, sitting on one leg, with the other tucked under me
• I can sit CROSS LEGGED in my office chair!

• I still eye up the size on booths at restaurants
• I still eye up the size of the booth, but I'm stoked to see when I sit, I could have me on my LAP and still fit
• I still eye up the size of booths at restaurants, and if I'm with someone who's larger, I take the smaller side, knowing that they're having the same internal conversation of "am I gonna fit?"

• I got up off the floor the other day
• I got up off the floor the other day, WITHOUT struggling, or crawling to a nearby table/couch to pull myself up
• I got up off the floor the other day, by jumping to my feet, and not realizing it, until I was nearly out of the room!

• That it's 2 o'clock..... and I still haven't eaten lunch! I have to RUN!

BTW....... I totally plan on doing a set of WIDTH pictures at JackSh!t getting fit blog!

Monday, October 4, 2010

To constipate... human, to poop..... divine!

I've been constipated. REALLY constipated. Since day ONE of having the band.
At first, I thought perhaps it was because I was on liquids for 3 weeks. (THREE weeks you say? Why one more week than the usual 2 week pre-op liquid diet? Because my BMI was 60.6, and my doctor makes everyone with a BMI over 50 do three weeks, so that the liver shrinks more)

Then I thought that it was the liquid gold vicodin that I was taking to manage pain.

Then I thought that maybe because I was eating so much less, that I didn't have to poop every day/ every other day/ every 3rd day/ once a week.

I started feeling bloated and gassy. When I would go, it was little tiny hard pebbly poo, that took a lot of coaxing and prodding.

Then I tried vegetable laxative. My colon laughed at it! Milk of mag.. nary a toot!

I did one of those "colon cleanse" products. It worked for a few days, and then nothing.

FINALLY..... I think I've found something that works for me.

Cascara Sagrada! It's some sort of herb that helps with digestion.

I'm not making any promises, but I took 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon on Saturday, and Sunday morning, no pain, no strain.... and plenty of results. No bloating, no cramping, nothing.

I took 2 Sunday morning and 2 sunday evening, and Monday morning, I went again. Like a NORMAL person.

If all I need to do is take 2 / 2 times a day, I'm SO IN. Otherwise, it's bloat/pain city.

Next topic blog post.......... my ACHING BOOBS. Documentation starts NOW!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Someone left the popcorn in the rain.......

Good lord! This momma was up at 5:00am to get ready to selling popcorn with triplets #2 and #3 since they're cub scouts (triplet #1 bagged out 2 years ago) 

We sold from 9am-Noon, outside a local restaurant in a strip mall.

It poured rain, and I don't think it got over 55°F

I was frozen to the bone....... even wearing long underwear!

Product sold: $73.00 worth

Not bad..... but normally, on a nice day, with good traffic, it should have been closer to $300.

Tomorrow, we go to a local woodland area for their "Forester" badges. 

It's supposed to be COLDER tomorrow. Wonder if there's a long enough extension cord for my heat blanket??

Oh......... and trip #1 and daddy are staying home in their jammies.

Something is seriously wrong with this scenario.

When we get back........ I get to paint the trim in the office. 

Damn..... I'm lucky!