Saturday, October 2, 2010

Someone left the popcorn in the rain.......

Good lord! This momma was up at 5:00am to get ready to selling popcorn with triplets #2 and #3 since they're cub scouts (triplet #1 bagged out 2 years ago) 

We sold from 9am-Noon, outside a local restaurant in a strip mall.

It poured rain, and I don't think it got over 55°F

I was frozen to the bone....... even wearing long underwear!

Product sold: $73.00 worth

Not bad..... but normally, on a nice day, with good traffic, it should have been closer to $300.

Tomorrow, we go to a local woodland area for their "Forester" badges. 

It's supposed to be COLDER tomorrow. Wonder if there's a long enough extension cord for my heat blanket??

Oh......... and trip #1 and daddy are staying home in their jammies.

Something is seriously wrong with this scenario.

When we get back........ I get to paint the trim in the office. 

Damn..... I'm lucky!

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  1. As a fellow Michigander, I just have to say that I feel your pain! I had to drag my two kiddos all over town today in the rain. Not fun! Okay, so that doesn't quite compare with actually standing in it all day. What happened to that 90 degree weather we had a week ago?!