Friday, March 25, 2011

Enough is enough

Well, SHIT.

I'm going to go and get an un-fill today. We're taking out .5cc.

I'm able to eat, but the heartburn is nasty, and dammit, I don't want to live like this! This band is long-haul, not a race to get to goal (about 10 pounds away) and honestly, I haven't been comfortable for nearly a week now.

So....... out it comes.

I better FEEL better immediately!

Imma take a shower, and hopefully, that will make me feel better too!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Over Half my body weight........ GONE!!!!!


When I hit 187.75 pounds, I knew it was the day that I had lost HALF my body weight!

Well, sometime in the last 24 hours, I hit, and surpassed that number!

Today, I weighed in, on my cranky-ass scale (you know, the one that give's me 'doctor office' numbers??) said 187!!

That's right.........

I'm just tickled pink!

Now...... if I could just get some solids in!

Did I mention that my band tightened up like a vice on Friday night? It's still tight today, but not like it was all weekend.

I did get about 1/2 cup of Albondigas in (have I shared that recipe? I think I should!) but I did get a few warnings, and a little slime. I also was able to eat a yogurt with a few walnuts and raisins..... ate it super slowly, but managed to get it down.

I'm taking Prilosec OTC, and will take it for 2 weeks. If I go off, and all that heartburn comes back, I promise, I'll go and get an unfill.


4 Cups of Water
2 Beef Bouillon cubes (low-sodium)
4 carrots, peeled, and cut into coins
3 ribs celery, diced
1 onion, diced
1.5 Cups Salsa, your choice (I use medium or hot, cuz I like my stuff spicy!)
1 pound ground meat (I use ground chicken, but ground beef or pork are both delish in this as well)
1/3 cup bread crumbs (I make my own, gluten free)

Put water and beef bouillon in large stock pot, and heat to boiling. Add carrots, celery, onion and salsa. Once boiling, reduce to medium heat, and let cook 20 minutes. In a large bowl, combine ground meat and bread crumbs, and make small 1" (or less) meatballs. Drop into soup, and cook an additional 30 minutes, until meatballs are cooked through.

Want a little creamy, you say? Drop a dollop of greek yogurt or FF sour cream on top.

So this crouton walks into a band......

and lodges itself FIRMLY, and refuses to budge!

See, I took triplets #2 and #3 to boy scouts Friday night, to get their swimming testing done for summer camp. It was already 6:30, and I hadn't eaten dinner, and I was HUNGRY!

So, I made myself a lovely romaine salad, with diced cucumbers, bell peppers, red onions, sunflower seeds, a handful of croutons, and my favorite dressing:

Yes, Hidden Valley, Farmhouse Originals, Roasted Onion Parmesan. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So, chit chatting with other moms, I fought with this salad. FOUGHT with it. I got "slime" warnings over and over again (anyone else get small warnings? Not a P/B, not a full on slime....... just a little slime, that says gently 'hey..... wait a few minutes before you take another bite')

So, I fought with the salad for two hours, and barely ate 1/2 of it. I got it home, and said to my salad "DAMMIT, you ARE going down" and I took a big bite, with a crouton in it.

Well......... SHIT.

A warning, then a spasm let me know that in no uncertain terms, I AM an asshole.

Not only that...... but it was BEDTIME. So I marched upstairs, not able to say a word to anyone, since my mouth was filled with spit/slime.

AND..... being the asshole I am, I decided, you know what? I'm too damned tired to play this spasm game, I'm going to BED.

So I layed there, and my esophagus spasmed, and then I'd hear a gurgle. And it happened again, and another gurgle. The third time, I got a piece of lettuce back, with acid for good measure.

So, I got up, and sat on my makeup chair, and waited it out. FINALLY, the set of 3 hiccups that tell me my ordeal is over come, and I lay down, and sleep the sleep of the dead.

7:30 Saturday morning, I mosey downstairs to get a nice cup of Joe. I drink about 2 mouthfuls, and say to self "DAMN....... this band is TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT" I'm sliming on the coffee.

I realized that I probably did some damage the night before, and put myself on liquids/mushies for the rest of the weekend.

3/4 of the way into my cup of joe, I start having persistence heartburn. Cripes. Rolaids to the rescue, but already, I'm on the internet, praying I haven't slipped my band.

I called my dr's office Monday morning, and talked to my favorite nurse, and she agreed, I pissed off the band. She said it was up to me, I could wait a few more days, or come in and get a .5cc unfill.

So... I didn't go.

Not yet.

I was able to get some solids in today...... I did get warnings, a little slime, but no spasms.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I have pictures!!!!!

See Momma's new pants:

 See Momma on her tippy toes, hanging onto the door frame to show you the new pants:

See size tag on momma's pants!!! 
Size MEDIUM 8/10 Petite!

See Momma's new Easter Dress

ALSO Size MEDIUM 8/10!!!! 

See Momma's BAT WING..... 


Saying goodbye to the Bat Wing (or as momma says: Flying Squirrel arms.... see picture below, compare to picture above. Do I lie?!?)

I am editing this bad boy to include some OLD pix, so we can see what size 30/32 looks like on me as well. I must admit, size 8/10 is a MUCH happier place!

You can hide, but you can't RUN..... I mean it, I couldn't run if my life depended on in,
wearing this TIGHT beauty in a size 26/28

 Me in my tent of a blouse, size 30/32, and my
gorgeous friends, Mary and Toni! (yeah..... size ZERO Toni! I think Mary's a TWO! 
Good lord, I surround myself with skinnie B's!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cankles? NO! Clavicles!

So, I was tooling with my new webcam, since I have Skype meetings weekly with my virtual team members, and my darling, sweet boys BROKE my other webcam. (cough)

So...... I took this little gem, since I'd been groping my own neck bones like a horny 16 year old boy... I figured you guys could get a peek at these suckers.

AND.... for the horny 17 year old boys out there (thinking age of consent here....) my bra is peeking out! Boy-Howdy!

Good lord....... look at those coke bottle glasses! And to think, I just got glasses 3 years ago for computer/reading. How we decline as we get OLD.

I'm fly...... like a 186!

I can barely believe it!
I'm down 186.5
in exactly 1 pound..... I will be exactly HALF my size (from where I started)

I'm Overweight!!!!!!!


I'm overweight.

I haven't been "overweight" since high school.

I have been obese, morbidly obese, SUPER morbidly obese.....but not overweight.... for over 20 years.

Hello overweight. So nice to see you!