Friday, March 18, 2011

I have pictures!!!!!

See Momma's new pants:

 See Momma on her tippy toes, hanging onto the door frame to show you the new pants:

See size tag on momma's pants!!! 
Size MEDIUM 8/10 Petite!

See Momma's new Easter Dress

ALSO Size MEDIUM 8/10!!!! 

See Momma's BAT WING..... 


Saying goodbye to the Bat Wing (or as momma says: Flying Squirrel arms.... see picture below, compare to picture above. Do I lie?!?)

I am editing this bad boy to include some OLD pix, so we can see what size 30/32 looks like on me as well. I must admit, size 8/10 is a MUCH happier place!

You can hide, but you can't RUN..... I mean it, I couldn't run if my life depended on in,
wearing this TIGHT beauty in a size 26/28

 Me in my tent of a blouse, size 30/32, and my
gorgeous friends, Mary and Toni! (yeah..... size ZERO Toni! I think Mary's a TWO! 
Good lord, I surround myself with skinnie B's!)

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