Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lindora Online

Anyone else from the Lap-Band forums use lapband.com, and the Lindora Online support system??

I'd be interested in hearing from you folks! I don't have to go to support group meetings, never had to meet with a nutritionist, etc. I got the band, and some paperwork on the types of foods to eat, and to eat slowly, but that's about it. I figured it out for myself that drinking while eating wasn't a smart move.

Another Mini-Goal

Since I hit my goal of 288 a few days ago, I've been thinking about what my new goal should be.

I remember hitting 279 the day of a birthday party, about 6 years ago. I wore my khaki Gloria Vanderbuilt pants, with my dark khaki Avenue square neck top. TUCKED IN. (for those of you who also suffer from tummy pooch... you'll understand where I come from with that!!!)

When I hit 279, I am going to put that outfit on, and post that picture HERE. Accountability is the key!! Plus, I want a photo record of my journey to health :)

SO..... next goal: 279

SEVENTY EIGHT...... what a GREAT feeling!

Got another fill...... so I have something to tell!

So, I wasn't feeling good restriction after my second fill. I was sitting at 5cc's, and just feeling peckish.... and found myself grazing through the kitchen way too often... and stalled at 292 - 295. I bounced there for 2 weeks!

So I went for a fill last Tuesday.... and FINALLY, TDS moved (That Damn Scale) I started moving in the right direction.... and then when I had a "problem" and had to take some Milk of Mag for it... I ended up getting a bit dehydrated, and went all the way down to 284.5. Now that I'm 2 days past that, and settling back in re-gaining some water weight.... my scale today said 286.5!

I hit my goal of 288! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a LONG time.... over 5 years, and even then, I only spent a few weeks at 288. This time..... I've passed it on my way back down to healthy living!

FFC (Former Fat Chick) sent me some clothes in a size 20..... I've just started getting back into 22/24 clothing, and I thought for fun I would try them on! Albeit, they are tight.... but they fit! They're going to look GREAT on me in a few months!! Thank you Jacquie!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Me at 340

Before Picture

I realized now that I don't have a "before" picture here on the blog.... so I will post it!

This one is from a while ago.... and my hair is blonde.. which was from Halloween, I was "Mimi Bobek" from the Drew Carey Show that year. But... it has a date and a weight, so we'll take it!

I am going to post a few more.... I used to take these pictures often.. I will get my hubby to take a few this weekend, so I can update :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I hit a goal without posting it!

I was *going* to post that my new goal was going to be 299...... breaking into Two-Town for the 6th time in the past 10 years. However..... each time I got back into two-town, I could barely stay there! I got down to 269 once in about 2003. I hope to SPANK that one!

ANYWAY...... I am 299.6 today!! As far as my doctor goes, he would say I was down 50 pounds. BUT... I hit 365 this year, which is the weight that I'm counting from..... so I'm down 65 pounds!! YES!