Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lindora Online

Anyone else from the Lap-Band forums use lapband.com, and the Lindora Online support system??

I'd be interested in hearing from you folks! I don't have to go to support group meetings, never had to meet with a nutritionist, etc. I got the band, and some paperwork on the types of foods to eat, and to eat slowly, but that's about it. I figured it out for myself that drinking while eating wasn't a smart move.


  1. I dont do the lindora system but do go to the monthly support group at the hospital. While I do learn some things there I really think I get the bulk of my support and learning from you girls. I wish they would've given you some more guidance though !!!

  2. I figured I need to lose this weight myself, so I need to guide myself... so I've come to you guys as well! I'm thankful that I have the internet, and all the other bandsters out there for support :)