Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Mini-Goal

Since I hit my goal of 288 a few days ago, I've been thinking about what my new goal should be.

I remember hitting 279 the day of a birthday party, about 6 years ago. I wore my khaki Gloria Vanderbuilt pants, with my dark khaki Avenue square neck top. TUCKED IN. (for those of you who also suffer from tummy pooch... you'll understand where I come from with that!!!)

When I hit 279, I am going to put that outfit on, and post that picture HERE. Accountability is the key!! Plus, I want a photo record of my journey to health :)

SO..... next goal: 279


  1. 279...here we come and after that " how low can she go...how low can she go !"

  2. Don't say that too loud to my husband *wink* He's been chasing me all over the house!!!