Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Got another fill...... so I have something to tell!

So, I wasn't feeling good restriction after my second fill. I was sitting at 5cc's, and just feeling peckish.... and found myself grazing through the kitchen way too often... and stalled at 292 - 295. I bounced there for 2 weeks!

So I went for a fill last Tuesday.... and FINALLY, TDS moved (That Damn Scale) I started moving in the right direction.... and then when I had a "problem" and had to take some Milk of Mag for it... I ended up getting a bit dehydrated, and went all the way down to 284.5. Now that I'm 2 days past that, and settling back in re-gaining some water weight.... my scale today said 286.5!

I hit my goal of 288! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a LONG time.... over 5 years, and even then, I only spent a few weeks at 288. This time..... I've passed it on my way back down to healthy living!

FFC (Former Fat Chick) sent me some clothes in a size 20..... I've just started getting back into 22/24 clothing, and I thought for fun I would try them on! Albeit, they are tight.... but they fit! They're going to look GREAT on me in a few months!! Thank you Jacquie!!


  1. You're most welcome my dear !!! Enjoy them and get ready for some 18's on your way down !!! You're doing super duper fantastic !!

  2. U rock my friend!! Thank you for being such a great support!!!