Friday, March 25, 2011

Enough is enough

Well, SHIT.

I'm going to go and get an un-fill today. We're taking out .5cc.

I'm able to eat, but the heartburn is nasty, and dammit, I don't want to live like this! This band is long-haul, not a race to get to goal (about 10 pounds away) and honestly, I haven't been comfortable for nearly a week now.

So....... out it comes.

I better FEEL better immediately!

Imma take a shower, and hopefully, that will make me feel better too!



  1. Being too full is like living in a Dante novel. Good for you for dealing with it!

  2. Karen...I just wanted to say how right you are! I ate 5 of those damn yummy atkins bars yesterday...I was posessed. Well, Mr. Scale no likey that. Up half a pound :( I am going to have to swear them off now. damn it.

  3. Karen?? I love your blog!! wow, you write the way I think!! hey, did the small unfill help?? I'm thinking I'm needing one as well, but feel defeated, and nervous about getting I dont know if my surgeon will do a small one, and I'll be starvin again....

    Amy....I prolly shouldnt ask but which atkins bars?

    so glad to have found your blog!!!