Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No no....... too sexy!

My goal weight is EXACTLY 35 pounds away!


It seems so close..... yet so far! I average about 5-6 pounds lost/month...... so that's about 6 months away, but I'll give myself until August 6, 2011 (my 2nd bandiversary date) to hopefully get there.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

BTW......... I went to the mall the other day looking like this:

so, as I'm sitting on a bench and waiting for H&M to open, I look up to see this 20-something year old boy looking at me, and when I did look up he says (sooooooo loudly)

"MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ you are TOO sexy! If you were 20 years younger, I'd take you home, and cover you from head to toe in EVOO"

Then he went on, lamenting about candles, and music, and breakfast.......

Me, on the other hand, was like "20 YEARS YOUNGER"?!!!!!!?!?!?!

If I weren't so old and addled with dementia, I might have said "Well, if you were 5 years YOUNGER, perhaps it would happen!"

However....... all I did was smile, and count the seconds until H&M pulled up the gates!

BTW....... those pix up me up there?

I'm rocking size 16 Torrid skinny jeans! (please say that like Amy Poehler, when she's saying "and I'm rocking ONE LEG!")

OK...... it's time for some geritol, because it's 4:50pm, time for bed!

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  1. Oh......

    and any boy who knows what EVOO is, should probably turn on the light, because he's standing right smack in the middle of a closet.

    Only women, and my BFF gay-man friends knew that was a Rachel Ray reference to Extra Virgin Olive Oil!