Friday, October 22, 2010


Since when do I start to SLIME when I drink coffee? Apparently.... since this week.

I got a fill a few weeks ago, and am currently sitting at 10cc, and find that first thing in the morning, only liquids will do..... and yesterday morning, even liquids were crabby as shit!

I've also started drinking Crystal Light Strawberry Orange Banana..... and noticing a burning feeling while it's going down. I'd been on coffee, water, tea only for quite a while (did I mention wine? weekends only!) and it's REALLY noticeable that I have a burning sensation when I drink the Crystal Light (well... I'm lying here..... it's actually the cheap-ass Kroger equivalent)

WTF gives? Choking on my coffee?? Burning with SF fruity drink? Don't tell me I'm having an issue with citric acid in the drink? C'mon!

I've also NOT had heartburn since getting the band, assuming that the fundoplication that I had along with it helped... but I've noticed a small amount lately. I'm going to chalk it up to feeling extra tight lately...

I so don't want an un-fill...... I **really really really** want to get to Onederland ASAP, and an unfill would certainly deter that.

Last I checked, I was bouncing between 211- 213, so, I'm holding steady. I was hoping to see 209 this week, and say goodbye to the 210's all together. It will happen.... I have to be patient!

BTW...... I have my consultation with a plastic surgeon on the 15th of November. I need to talk about these dangly bits. My tee-tahs are KILLING ME! Not only do they hurt by my armpits, but because I just ovulated, they're swollen and PISSED. (btw...... ovulation = tight band???)

I'm having problems in my back, between my ribs with the connective tissue..... thinking that my teetahs or this apron of skin/flab from being FAT and having a triplet pregnancy, or both, are pulling on my shoulders/back, and causing some pulling on my ribs.

While there, we'll also address my flying squirrel problem (some people call them batwings.... I'm SO past batwings, it's not funny..... the only thing I could equate to it was a flying squirrel) and these THIGHS...... I have saddle bags, at least 10 ass cheeks, and these lumpy lumps on the back of my thighs that all need to be quarantined!

I think it was Heather who said that there's a science experiment going on under her clothes. AMEN Sister!

I can't even wear pajamas comfortably anymore, because of SLAPPING. Plus..... you can HEAR my junk wiggling/jiggling/flapping/swearing from down the hall!

I have about 35 pounds to goal...... figuring that will take me about 6-7 months, plus about 3 months to sit at goal..... I figure this time next year I'll start getting ready to be the new benefactor to my local burn unit (wonder if they'll take donations? They'll really dig one of my tattoos that are going to be lost in the tummy tuck!)

Hmmmmmm........ think I'll get a 35 pound ticker!

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