Monday, October 18, 2010

I think I need a goal?

I think I need a goal.

I've been concentrating pretty hard on mini-goals (current: get to 199 by January 1st) and just couldn't wrap my head around ONEDERLAND at all, and now that I'm approaching it, I'm at a loss.

I'm 5'6" tall, and probably medium build. I have always had bigger thighs/calves/booty. 

Whatever the case, I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon on November 15th, for a 2 hour weight loss plastic surgery consultation. I'm paying $150.00 for the appt., and they take that off the cost of the procedure, AND I get 2 free facial peels that cost $65.00 each. So..... no complaints.

If my goal is 165, and I'm currently losing at about 5lb/month, that puts me at July 2011 when I hit goal, so I shouldn't really have surgery until around January 2012.

BUT..... I'm having problems with my ribcage. The tissue in between my ribs is starting to burn/ache. I think it's because of my chest/tummy, and all that excess skin/flab.

I am also having problems with my arms, specifically where I shave my armpits.... because of all the wiggly/jiggly/loosey goosey stuff there, I'm suffering big cuts, and chafes. I also have to tuck all that stuff into my bra.

I think it was Heidi that said it was a "science experiement" underneath her clothes. Well said.

My insurance is BCBS..... you'd think it was good, right? I'm an individual payee..... I am self employed and my husband is a contractor. That means, individual plan. They refused to pay for my lap-band (people were taking advantage of the individual plan.... that's what they said to me) and currently, I pay $485.00/month for a family of 5, with a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR deductible. No typos..... in order to keep it "affordable" at $485/mo, I had to bump my deductible that high.

I'm going to have to see if I can't shop around for something better, with better coverage, and a lower deductible.

Either that...... or I have to get a job outside of the home?

Or I can wait until 2014, where the government's new laws prevents my healthcare company from excluding me from a group plan, just because I am a sole prioprietor.

I think they would probably pay for a breast reduction/lift, since I'm having pain. But..... $10,000 deductible, what's the diff if the cover or not?

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