Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Arts, Beats and Eats

Last weekend, when I was allowed to go back on to "regular" foods, my DH and our BFFs went on our yearly trip to Pontiac, Michigan's "Arts, Beats & Eats" festival.

We all have delicious Gyro's from the restaurant Greektown Tavera. It took me quite a while to eat mine, since I need to chew, chew, chew..... and I do admit to some discomfort afterwards, but nothing horrific. I think it was just my stomach being surprised in getting some MEAT :) Plus, I don't eat lamb all that often. I should eat it more, my husband LOVES it, and although I never had it growing up in my house, I've always appreciated it as well!

Anyway, here's a picture of me and my BFF with an "electric tower." There was a "Green" exhibit, and this guy was a part of an electric company that gets most of it's power from solar panels. Pretty cool! I'd love to cover my home in solar panels..... bet my homeowners association would LOVE that!

Anyway... I'm in bandster hell at this point. I just posted a 57 pound loss, which is true... but I was at 60 pounds lost. I've been bouncing between the same 5 pounds ever since I went on regular foods. I have a fill coming this Friday, and I must say, I'm truly looking forward to it!

I also haven't started any exercise routines.... my cable company (comcast) has a HUGE array of OnDemand fitness programs, and I did do one from "The Biggest Loser" with Bob the trainer, and loved it, so I think perhaps I'll need to peruse those titles, and see if anything tickles my fancy :)


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss, it's really incredible! Hang in there, I'm sure getting a fill will help with "hell".

  2. Karen...you're doing super AMAZING !! Very proud of you !!!

  3. WTG girl! You are doing so well. Congrats!