Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Healthy Choice House Party!

I had a Healthy Choice House Party last weekend, and we had a nice time! I was mailed 10 coupons for a free Healthy Choice meal, and I bought 10 different ones, cooked them up, and had a taste test party!

I had my first fill on September 18th.... I wrote about it on lapbanktalk.com, but I'll share my experience here:

I went and got my first fill today!

I'm jealous that some of you guys get a fill with an x-ray and barium swallow. But, my doctor does so many of these, that his nurse must do 10-20 fills/day, so I must say, she knows what she's doing!

I got a numbing shot (which, IMO, wasn't necessary... my threshold for pain is very high, and I've given myself a million shots in the abdomen when I was taking fertility meds!) and then she put 4cc's in band. I was STUNNED. I totally felt the band squeeze up on my stomach to the point of discomfort! I told her so when it happened, and she backed out 2cc's, and then slowly put in 1.5cc, and then I felt that choking feeling again.... so I ended up only getting 3cc's.

I do have an appointment in 2 weeks for another fill, this time, it will be 2cc's. The doctor said I could come back in yet another 2 week's time, and get another 1-2 cc's if I wanted to.

I asked how much fit in the band, and the nurse said 14cc's, but that about 4 of their patients actually have 16cc's in the band. I cannot fathom having 16cc's when I felt that 4cc's closed my stomach completely!

They gave me one of those little chubby bottles of water (perhaps 8-10 oz) and asked me to drink at least 1/2. If I didn't throw it up, I would be fine with the 3cc's. I drank 3/4 of the bottle, and felt totally FULL. I was just amazed!

Although I haven't been put on any type of food restriction, I've decided to put myself back on liquids for 2 days, and then mushies for 2-3 more before going back to regular foods.

Doctor says I'm exactly 40 pounds down from when I first met him in June. (my number on here reflects my weight lost from my highest weight this year: 265) He told me to say goodbye to them, because I'll never see those 40 pounds again I did tell him that I gained back 5 pounds from my low of 305 (the day I started eating regular food) and he said it was completely normal, and that some people gain a lot more than that.

I'm just thrilled again....... I hope the 3cc's gives me good restriction until my next fill on October 2nd. The doctor said that the 4cc's might not give me good restriction yet.... but then again, I couldn't handle the 4cc's either!

I'm still amazed at all of this, and feel blessed that I was able to have this surgery!


  1. Ok, on your party, did you invite some friends over to taste test too? Great news on your restriction/fill, my first fill is tomorrow, wow, do I ever need it. I can really eat whatever right now and willpower is wearing thin. Let us know about the next fill!

  2. Wow, 40 lbs since June?!?!? That's amazing. You look great in your picture, by the way.

  3. Karen...you look AMAZING !! OMG !! and so happy! You're rocking it girl ! Keep up to awesome progress !!!

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