Sunday, June 27, 2010

Long time no see!

I know. I've been a horrific blogger. It's all because of work, I assure you! I'm a graphic designer, and around Christmas time, I picked up a new client that's a VA (Virtual Assistant) and now I do so much blog, facebook, twitter, etc., work, that when it comes time to my OWN blog, my OWN facebook account...... tweets and whatnot, I've been just miserably lacking.

I'd promise to come more often..... but there's so many things to do, and so little time to do it. I will promise to TRY to come more often, and talk about milestones, victories, defeats, and frustrations :)

I was stuck, stuck, stuck in the 260's for what seems like an eternity, but I've certainly been keeping at a pace of about 5 lb/month loss. Now that I've added some pretty good exercise, I've noticed that the weight loss has picked up a bit. Even this week, where we had dinner at my mom's house, and I had a big steak (yes..... I chew, chew, chewed....) broccoli with cheese sauce, potato salad, caesar salad, and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream (Blue Bunny sugar free.... not so bad right?) with Creme de Menthe drizzled over it (not so good, right??) I ran the numbers through my body media thingy-doo, and that meal clocked in somewhere around 1500 calories! Good lordy.... some days, I don't get near that for the DAY. But.... it was for Father's Day, and I need to remember this is a lifestyle CHANGE, not a "diet", so there will be days where I will eat differently than I normally do.

Further into the week, I went to a 4th of July party, and ate more than my share of Doritos (chew, chew, chew... those get stuck for me too) but drank only water. I was driving, and there wasn't anything else besides water that I wanted to have.

There's something I've been VERY GOOD about. Carbonation! I have had ZERO carbonated beverages since before my surgery..... which is winding it's way to a 1 year anniversary. No pop/soda, no beer, nothing. I did have a specialVodka/Diet Vernor's soda with hubby..... but that sweet man opened the bottle a day early, so it wouldn't have any carbonation left, and honestly, that was at least 4 months ago!

I also don't eat pasta. I'll eat a rice variety of noodle (Tinkyada makes a mean lasagna noodle!) but not regular pasta. I was on Atkins for quite a while, and when I had a special meal, after 6 months of no cheating, I had a big plate of baked ziti. 1/2 hour later, I felt as if I was run over by a truck. All my joints hurt, I was exhausted, and could barely stay awake. The next morning, I felt like I had been on a bender, headache, chills, etc. I got on the scale, and I was up TEN pounds from the day before. I realized that day that apparently all pasta is evil, and shant pass my lips again!

I would like to say the same thing about pizza..... but it's like a siren..... singing me into a lusty stupor. Only to get stuck each. and. every. time I eat it. AND...... Michigan pizza sucks big butts. I lived most of my years in NJ... East Coast pizza is my mistress. Thank GOD there's 700 miles between us now! So.... I don't really eat pizza anymore either. Sometimes my kids get Little Caesars, and I HATE it.... but then I NEED to have a piece. Fucking pizza!

I should also mention that I've been exercising! (hey.... wake up, it's not THAT newsbreaking that you needed to faint!)

I've had an elliptical machine since about 2003. Never used it. EVER. Suddenly, this spring, I say to hubby..... where's that elliptical? "Buried in the garage" he says. "Unearth it?" says me. Next day, it's sitting in it's dusty, crusty glory, in my dining room. So a few adjustments later, we have both a dining table (minus 2 leaves) AND an elliptical bike. That's currently used 30 minutes/day, 6 days/week! When I first got on it, I lasted 32 seconds. I thought that was GREAT! It took me 2 weeks to work up to a 4 minute song! Now.... a few months later, my record was 50 minutes in 1 session, no stopping. Holy CRAP!

My measurements have also changed quite a bit since exercising! My bra size should now be a 34. However, since my bust still measures about a 44 (when properly hoisted..... otherwise I'd have to measure LENGTH. I look like one of those old lady saggy booby cartoons. I can tuck them in my underwear. NOT kidding!) So..... I'm like a 34G or 34H. I've been wearing a 38G from Lane Bryant......and they don't carry G's in a band size smaller. Internet, here I come. Which sucks, because all bras measure differently, but I'm SO NOT GOING to a specialty store. They charge you $100 to even look at the bras! (kidding.... but other big-breastededed women will tell you..... with big cups, comes big payments!)

My bat wings are horrific.

I can't believe I'm going to have to have all this skin removed. You should see my tummy! Wonder if my insurance will pay since I had triplets, and got all stretched out from them too? Probably not..... they don't pay for shit.

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