Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stalled in Stallsville...... population ME

So..... sitting here quietly at 236 (well.... actually bouncing between 236-237) for THREE weeks now.

Exercising everyday.... 30 minutes for 5 of the days, 20 minutes for 2 of them, all of it on my elliptical machine. (can't get out of the house to go to the gym...... kids/work/summer factor)


Since I know that some people still come in here and help me dust every so often, starting TODAY I am posting what I'm eating and when, and what type of exercise I'm doing. If I have to, I'll put my BodyMedia thingy back on, and start reporting, until I can figure out why this is happening. I will mention that I spent at least 4-5 weeks floating around 367...... and it was frustrating as hell, but it did finally move.

I weigh only on Sunday's, otherwise I obsess. So, here's my Sunday weight: 237

Should I be posting my measurements too? Hmmmmmm.........

I will preface this note saying that I normally eat breakfast everyday. I had an emergency design that had to be to the client in the morning today, and because she's in Cally, I was able to buy myself 3 hours of work time. So, without realizing it until it was too late, I worked through breakfast :(

Tuesday, July 20

7:50am Coffee with splenda and fat free milk
9:30am same

Karen's Power Smoothie
1 Cup frozen blueberries
1 Cup Diet V8 Splash
2 Tablespooons Flaxmeal
1 Tablespoon Walnut Oil
1 Scoop RAW Vegetable Protein Powder

345 Calories, 20 Fat, 27.9 Carb, 20.6 protein (Fiber is pretty high as well... at least 6-8)

1 container CarbMaster Cherry Yogurt
1 T homemade granola

80 Calories, 1.5 fat, 4 carbs, 12 Protein (not sure on the granola.... that's just the yogurt)

Salsa Chicken
1 chicken breast
dash homemade taco powder
4 T salsa
1 t sour cream
3/4 cup brown rice
1/2 sliced cucumber, drizzled with Italian dressing

307 calories (so says BodyFit Media)

1 Celery Rib, cut into 2
3/4 Tablespoon natural peanut butter

110 Calories: 8 fat, 6 carbs, 4 protein, 2 fiber

20 Minutes on Elliptical. Did a fat burn program, at a 20° incline
10 Minutes Standing Ab Crunch program
10 Minutes Pilates

I use iFit for my iPhone, and came up with these daily values:

Fat 38.5 g
Sodium 800mg
Carbs 90.7
Fiber 22
Protein 64

Calories in: 922
Calories out: 470 (exercise)
Net Calories: 452

Hmmmmmm...... I'm thinking my net calories should be closer to 1000?

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