Friday, July 23, 2010

Bugging me.......

As I go through my blog... and my journal on (which has been in existence since February 2002) I have realized a few things:

• I'm the smallest I've been since 1989. I definitely remember weighing in at around 245 somewhere between 1987-1989
• I'm closing in on a weight I haven't seen since 1986: 216, I remember weighing this when a friend and I joined Living Well Lady.

At Christmas, I was down about 95 pounds. I am currently down nearly 140 pounds. WOW.

I am excited to hit the 150 down mark (225.5 pounds will do it) and I'm exceptionally excited to see 199, something I haven't seen in well over 20 years.


I'm currently at a weird place. I'm having a hell of a time finding a bra that fits. I seem to be in a size 36G-H. Wish those were a perky G-H.... but it's more like a deflated balloon G-H. Whenever it's time to get some reconstruction, my boobs will be high on the list. I've always had big boobs..... 36DDD in high school. No girl should have to go through that! I'm hopeful that if I continue to complain about all my back issues, that perhaps that would be a covered expense to get those puppies to a more proportional place. A nice 36C-D would do me just fine.

Clothing.... just about out of Lane Bryant/Avenue..... not quite into "regular" stores. I'm sitting in the void. I knew it was there, but I just haven't been here in a while. I stopped at Avenue yesterday looking for a bra (sigh) and saw a cute jean jacket. The 18/20 was loose. They didn't have a 14/16. (sigh again)

I'm starting to look silly in many of my clothes. A shirt that's been a staple for my wardrobe is now SILLY big on me.... and the shorts I was wearing yesterday were hanging on by a thread. One wrong move, and they would have fallen off. I suppose I have my "apron" to thank for it not to fall off.

Another item high on the reconstruction..... to rid myself of this panniculus, or whatever you call it. Having a triplet pregnancy certainly sent my stomach through the wringer. I would think I'd be wearing much smaller pants right now if I didn't have this hanging flap of gut to maneuver. If I'm not exceptionally careful, I get rashes, itchies, and smellies in there! I'm sure I did some weird damage to the muscles through there as well, having that c-section, and consequent revision of said c-section. Wonder if insurance would pay for that?? It's a pretty definite space, I could put the cut lines on for the doctor myself. Sad point: I'll lose my first tattoo I ever got to the blade when I get my tummy fixed. Though... I'll probably want a new one.... something pretty :)

Alright.... enough melancholia about saggy skin, saggy clothes, and my sagging disposition.


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