Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fit-to-be-tied Friday

Food for Friday

Breakfast 8:00am
1 Gibbs Oat Bran Muffin
2 large cups coffee (Starbucks, French Roast) with splenda and FF Milk

191 Calories

Skipped lunch....... because hubby and I had a  LONG OVERDUE date night! My parents had given us a $75 gift card to our favorite restaurant, Louis' Chophouse! It's fairly pricey, so we don't get to go often (and those 3 kids of ours.... they tend to hinder our date nights too!)

Exercise is next:

20 minutes elliptical
20 minutes Bollywood Workout
10 minutes Yoga
10 Minutes Abs

(extra workouts for calorie burn before dinner!)


1/2 slice bread, with garlic infused olive oil (chewed VERY carefully...... whew.... no PB/slime!)
small garden salad with balsamic vinegarette dressing (ditched the tomatoes)
3 glasses unsweetened iced tea, with a lemon wedge, and small stick packet of splenda
Calamari - lightly breaded and fried, appetizer, split with hubby, wasn't able to finish it
Chicken Picata (no capers, no artichoke hearts) fairly generous portion
Dessert: Mozart Mousse torte (chocolate and vanilla cake, alternating with chocolate and vanilla mousse) with whipped cream frosting. Not able to eat all of it.... had about 1/2

With approximate values, I came in at about 2000 calories for that mea, 2191 for the day, minus about 600 for the exercise, so I clocked 1600 calories for the day.

BTW..... I weighed yesterday.... 233.6!! Broke the stall? We'll see. I usually weigh in on Sundays.... should I weigh in tomorrow?? I'm afraid!

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  1. Holy Shit Karen !! I've been away for a couple of weeks and you go and change up on me!! WOW chick you look freaking amazing!!