Thursday, February 10, 2011

Save the date.......

You are cordially invited
to witness the loving separation 
her wobbly bits

on Friday the 17th day of June, 2011
from 7:00am - 3:00pm
in the surgical suite
Performed by:

Refreshments being served:
liquid Vicodin
Morphine, via pump
assorted antibiotics

Act One:
Excisement of "flying squirrel" arms

Act Two:
Hoisting up the girls... no air bags needed!
Chorus will sing "I lift my eyes to you, world!"

Act Three:
Tightening of six-pack, 
a sad adieu to 
"chat assis sur la lune" or
Cat sitting on the moon,
body art, circa 1995
added bonus:
Vag Lift

That is correct, I said Vag Lift. Cuz, apparently, I need one. My goodness. Who knew?

I will be sharing pix, so if you're afraid of wobbly bits, or saggies that go bump in the night, you may want to leave this little-bitty corner of the world for a while, as I don't want to offend :)

But...... if you're ready for the pix.... I'm ready to start taking them! I will have hubby take some this weekend.

So now.... I must get myself a few tickers, because I would also like to be exactly 175.5 on the day of surgery. Sayin' it out loud!

Doctor said she likes people within 20 pounds of their goal weight, and I'm there now, but I'd like to be ON THE MONEY, so to speak.

I have 127 days to lose exactly 21.3 pounds
That's 18 weeks, and therefore, I need to lose 1.16 pounds/week to make this goal

OK.... it's out there. 1.16 pounds/week or BETTER

Now... I do need an opinion: Do I do crazy workouts, to separate further fat from muscle...... or...... do I tone like crazy? Which to do?

In summary:

I'm scheduled in June for arm lift, boob lift, tummy tuck with muscle tightening (oh, and low-profile port modification)

I want to lose an additional 21.3 pounds before scheduled surgery.


$17K on the nose

Insurance: You're kidding me, right? Not a dime.


  1. i hate you. i am so jealous. actually met with plastics guy last week. maybe we can get a suite! pass the liquid roxy!

  2. I love you, though :) Come with me....... I don't know what liquid roxy is, but I'm definitely interested!!!!!!