Sunday, February 6, 2011

18 month Bandiversary!

Today is my 18 month bandiversary, and apparently, to properly celebrate, one must invite Aunt Flo. UGH.

So, because she arrived this morning all bloaty and crabby, I am using yesterday's measures and weights.

Measures...... I have now lost more than 70" off this body! I measure my neck, bust, under bust, waist, hip, one thigh, one calf, one ankle, one bicep, and one wrist.

AND..... scale #3, the cruelest, yet probably the scale most deeply rooted in reality, said 196.8

So, on my 18 month bandiversary, I can excitedly claim "I've lost 178.7 pounds!"

I have 21.3 pounds left to lose to claim 200 pounds lost.

My BMI is current 31.8

In order to only "overweight" I need to weigh 185

So, that's my mini-goal. My long-term goal is still 175.5

In order to be "regular" weight, I need to weigh 154. I'm not sure that's realistic, or do-able. But, we'll see, I still plan on being as close to 175.5 as possible before I have all this surgery.

Tomorrow I go and see Dr. Daniella Rodriguez for a consult. I've heard great things about her, and my cousin's neighbor had a breast reduction (lift too? not sure) and was thrilled. But what brought me to her was my OB/GYN, who said she's seen a lot of her work, and that it all looks really great. My OB is just a wonderful gal, love her, love her, LOVE her! I tend to get chummy with doctors, if only just to make it so I don't "get lost in a sea of vaginas" so to speak. Doctors (in my opinion) tend to take greater care of patients who are real, are full of life, and make everyone in the office laugh. I've never lost that "fat girl funny" vibe.... now I'm just "curvy girl funny" :)

OK...... making wine with hubby! Gotta run :) Will talk about my consult tomorrow!

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  1. Awesome Karen! 178 pounds is!!!! Wow!