Monday, January 31, 2011

Dangly Bits.....

Hmm. Looks........ FAMILIAR?

I completely forgot to try on my skirt yesterday! Sheesh.... with a Sunday weigh-in, you'd think I'd use the tape measure, weigh in, and then try on the &^@# skirt!

Last week's weigh in was: 204.8
This week's weigh in was: 199.4

My weigh-in was GREAT...... I'm back in Onederland, and although I saw 198 again, my official weigh-in was 199.4. I'm completely constipated (again) and therefore, bloated. PLUS...... Aunt Flow's ETA is this Friday. I always swell the week before, and my measurements, although showing an impressive 3.5" lost in ONE WEEK, doesn't show the full picture..... with 1/4" gains in my calves and ankles. That's a sure sign for me. When she arrives on Friday (or thereabouts) my water retention will promptly leave, and my calves and ankles will be back to normal, and not CALVES (moo) and CANKLES. :)

All in all, a stellar week!

I have my 3rd plastic surgeon consult one week from today. A friend of mine who has also lost weight, and having some issues with the saggies, is joining in for the fun. She promised no "sneaky pix" of all my dangly bits. I've noticed that things are getting saggier/danglier than ever. I wonder if I shouldn't do some sort of toning exercises to help firm up what can be firmed, to further separate itself from that, which cannot? Heck, I could draw the line on my "flying squirrel" wings where the incisions should go.

Life at home is going well. My husband, always my rock, has been wonderful. Loving, kind, and so funny! How I ever got so lucky, I'll never know. The boys have been wonderful. #2 is so darned smart, and just couldn't be any more polite and sweet. #1 is still painfully shy, but is happy to snuggle with his momma.... and I'm so happy when he does! #3 can outsmart most of his teachers, which while frustrating..... is so darned amusing!

I'm actually a little sad that they'll be going off to middle school, because their elementary school has been really great. The principal is retiring this year, so I suppose, if it was time to leave..... now was the time. She has been just incredible. I worked with her on quite a few projects for the PTA, and she was so involved, and so connected. So, it will be bittersweet all around this year when school ends. But, with every ending, comes a new beginning. I've heard wonderful things about the middle school that they'll be going to, and that's exciting to hear!

I'd post longer, but with today being end-of-month, to say I'm busy is putting it mildly! I worked on Saturday AND Sunday, and still have a mountain to climb. AND..... 2 brand new clients. I'm blessed that I have full-time work, and blessed that I get paid at a rate that makes it possible to stay home AND work at home.

Today I'm feeling BLESSED.

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