Monday, January 24, 2011

Just over the tattoo...... but no where near zipped!

Did I mention that I bought a size 10 skirt, that I hang in my closet, as my latest "goal" item of clothing?

I've had them all along..... a pair of Gloria Vanderbuilt pants, a dress, a shirt..... items that were too small, but hanging in my closet because "one day" I'd fit into them again.

But now, I actually have to purchase an item, since everything in my closet fits..... the ones that don't are huge (I'm looking at you, old winter coat!)

So..... here's the size 10 skirt that I bought, that I thought was just darling, AND on sale. Some days don't get better!

Picture quality isn't the best..... my digital camera is in need of a new battery, so this is from my phone.

This baby hangs in my closet just like that.

When I first got it, I couldn't get it over my hips (I suppose me being a solid size 12 right now may have something to do with that!)

Now, it's over the hips, and just covering the "limited time on this body" tattoo. (read: say goodbye to that tattoo when/if I get a TT)

Will be STOKED when I can zip that puppy up. :D

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