Monday, January 10, 2011

Coming Clean....

I've had a very hard weekend.

I learned a lot about myself this weekend, and came face to face with the "old me" I had a nibbly, nibbly weekend. I suffered from what I used to call "a hole I just can't fill" but I continued to try to fill it with ice cream, chips, cookies, etc.

After a weekend bender with bad food choices, instead of feeling guilty and bloated (well... ok... I actually DO feel bloated) I realized that all that crappy food: 1) didn't taste nearly as good as i used to think it did, and 2) didn't satisfy like it used to and 3) most importantly, did absolutely nothing for me, other than make me feel sluggish and blah.

I actually felt a little poisoned... my body just didn't feel like it has with all the good and healthy foods I'd been feeding it.

So.... perhaps I needed a small trip down memory lane to remind me, that not unlike old memories, sometimes they get sweeter as time goes by, and when you actually revisit old times, they just don't hold the same appeal, and get quite stale very quickly.

I may be rambling with my thoughts here on the blog..... but my mind is crystal clear. I cannot eat shitty food again. It makes me feel shitty, think shitty, look shitty......

Now.... to find a salad dressing that my husband doesn't find horribly offensive!

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