Thursday, December 30, 2010

Off topic..... can you help?

Hey all!

I've been doing fine in band-land, and considering it's month-end/year-end, I'm so slammed with work, that I barely have enough time to breathe. Add to that, 3 restless 10 year olds, and their daddy - who are all home on vacation this week. Since I work from home, that puts a little snag in my work/home balance :)


One of my clients is the MTOA (Michigan Tactical Officers Association) and they are in desperate need of a website rebuild. The economy has been especially tough here in Michigan, and this non-profit has suffered as much as any. They've run out of funds, and can't function without a good website (for membership information, and intel sharing)

They have been nominated to win $3300 of website services from a Virtual Assistance company called The Virtual Difference. This would get their site up and running properly, and have membership areas, and a working shopping cart.

Can you please share this with your other blog friends, and see if we can't help them win? There are 2 other companies/individuals competing for this prize, and it's been a VERY tight race between the MTOA and another woman.

Here's the link....... to vote, just be logged into your FB account, and click the "like" button. Easy peasy.

Thank you SO much for helping :)

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