Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Suddenly....... no restriction?

My band has always, always, always let me know it was there. I have to chew, chew, chew, otherwise, PB city.

On Friday, I was taking this combination of medications:

3 TBSP Milk of mag (cuz someone didn't poop for 5 days)
3 TBSP Vicodin (that abcess is on my front tooth..... between my tooth and my nose..... it feels like I got punched in the face!)

After I took this combo on Friday, my throat felt tight. I was a bit concerned, because I felt that the Vicodin didn't taste right..... I always have a flask of liq. vicodin around, for when I have problems with teeth/period/etc., and this just tasted different.

That tight feeling in my throat subsided, and I figured it was just a fluke.

I made a delicious dinner of crab stuffed chicken over rice. I expected to at least get a warning when eating, cuz sometimes even when I do chew, chew, chew, things like chicken and rice get stuck. Nope. Not stuck. At all. It all went down fine.

The next day, I had my typical blueberry protein smoothie for breakfast, and it went right down. Sometimes in the morning, I'm extra tight. Nope. Not tight at all.

For dinner on Saturday, I had a big salad...... which usually takes me about 2 hours to eat, since I need to chew, chew chew...... and many times I'll get a warning (as opposed to a PB) but no problems at all. I ate the whole salad without breaks.

On Sunday, I started getting concerned, because I still didn't have my restriction back. I started my Amoxicillin on Sunday as well (having that abcess taken care of on Thursday, and need to be on antibiotics for 5 days)

I warmed up some of that chicken/crab, and decided to go ahead and shovel it down, and see what happens. I purposely tried to get stuck, and I actually did get stuck. But that was because I was throwing the food down there. I got GOOD and stuck, and hung over the sink for 30 minutes until it subsided (note: because I also had fundoplication with my band, I cannot vomit at all. Anything that gets stuck only has one way to go.... down the gullet. I would not purposefully try to make myself vomit)  OK.... so the band is still where it belongs, and is still working, but somehow, my restriction has changed.

Monday, no restriction again. Monday evening, I haven't pooped since I took Milk of Mag on Friday.... take 3 TBSP....... there's that tight feeling in my throat again? Dinner went right down, no problems.

Tuesday morning, instead of my smoothie, I made oatmeal. Fairly lumpy. Went right down.

I like my band tight. Where did my restriction go?!!?!?!!

Gonna call the doctor today to see what the deal is.

And Aunt Flow..... you're 2 days late. I have FOUR pimples that told me you're coming. I am definitely not preggo...... unless it's immaculate conception. We had too much going on during my last cycle to even think about doing the naughty :) So...... what's going on with THAT? No AF? No Restriction?

Anyone have any idea what happened?!?

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  1. The band sure can keep us on our toes, you never know what to expect. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog :)