Saturday, December 4, 2010


I've been a honest to goodness hard ass about measurements. I measure every Sunday afternoon, as close to 2:00pm as possible (I know I've mentioned that I have a touch of OCD, yes?)

I have been a member of since 2002. I had put my measurements on there in years past, and this may or may not reflect 375.5 (my highest weight)

I thought I would share these now:

                  THEN      NOW
Neck            16.5"        13.5"             -3"
Bust               54"           40"              -14" (was a 48H, currently a 36DDD)
Bra Band       44"           32"               -12" 
Waist             44"           34.25"          -9.75"
Hip                56"           42"               -14"
Thigh            31"            20"               -11"
Calf              20"             15"              -5"
Ankle            10"            8.25"           -1.75"
Bicep             17"           11.75"          - 5.25"
Wrist              6.75"         6"                -.75"

Total weight lost: 177.5
Total inches lost: 76.5"
Size then: 30/32
Size now: 12/14

Wow...... I'm nearly at 180 pounds lost!

I know my official goal is 175.5...... but I wonder if I'm doing myself a dis-service? I wonder if I shouldn't have a "size" as a goal instead?

I'd LOVE to be a size 8.

I can't believe I even said that...... I can't believe I actually CAN say that.

I think I have a pair of jeans in the garage that are a size 28. I remember when they were too tight........

I have a picture here....... of me trying on a size 14 at JCPenney yesterday....... too BIG!!!!!!! Will share when I can get it to upload!

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