Saturday, May 28, 2011


I haven't blogged in nearly a month..... I swear it's not because I'm being bad. Rather, I've been working my fool butt off! Clients are freaking that my surgery is less than 3 weeks away now, so they are trying to get all their work in early. I don't blame them, and I'm happy to work my butt off, especially since they PAY me, and this surgery is costing me PLENTY.

So, I do plan on having a truckload of Vicodin delivered to the house.... I'd love liquid, since it kicks in faster, but I'll take whatever they give me, and smile. I have such a sensitivity to all the other narcotics (morphine, codeine, all the D drugs, all the P drugs.... ) some nurses told me I should see if I can handle Oxycontin, but when I mentioned it to the plastic surgeon's assistant, she wasn't at all pleased with me. I feel like such a drug seeker..... but honestly, I just want ones that make the pain more tolerable, AND don't make me vomit/give me a horrible headache. I don't think that's much to ask for. They mentioned a morphine pump, and I'm so NOT into that..... wonder if they can put Vicodin in that? Will find out!

I have an appointment on the 6th, so I'll be sure to ask. I also have to do some bloodwork at the hospital that day as well. I already went for my medical clearance, and apparently that all went fine (at least, I haven't heard to the contrary)

I have an appointment on the 16th for a complete unfill of my band, and the 17th is the big day!

Alright... I just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't fallen off the planet, the wagon, or anything else :)

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