Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BEFORE plastic surgery pictures - Arm Lift, Tummy Lift

So, here's my arms........ look how hangy!

Not sure if you can tell, but I actually have my arms turned, so you can see where the doctor SHOULD cut. She cut exactly there..... can't wait to take pix (I still have a drain in, so patience is needed, I'm not taking pix with a tube sticking out of my hip!)

It might be flabby....... but it's rockin'...... hence, I'm throwin' the goat!

A side view of hangy squirrel arms..... pretty icky

No.. I'm NOT sticking out my gut. That's all hanging tummy :(

I'm pulling it out, to prove to you that I'm not sticking out my gut :)

Just yucky

See that little arch there about 3-4 inches above my belly button? That was my port. Did I mention that I got a port revision? I got the low-profile port, and it has been recessed back, to sit level with my muscle, so it doesn't stick out and say HELLO!



Leaning forward..... Flabby AND Hangy!

Lovely side view of same....... BTW.... that tattoo on my hip?? Yup..... all gone!

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  1. BTW..... especially on the front hangy/flabby pix..... you can see the bandaid that I got from my full un-fill of my band. Can't have fluid in your band before surgery.... can't obstruct the tube that goes in your throat.

    Getting my first "new" fill on July 22nd..... asking for 5cc, let's hope I get it!