Saturday, July 23, 2011

One week in the woods with me

I'm going camping with my kids for a week...... so I shant be posting anything all week!

Where we're camping

I'll be sure to post plenty o' pix on Facebook..... are we Facebook friends? If not Friend me!

Oh, and I'm the "t-shirt mom" for the boy scout troop. We have a close friend who is a screen printer, so he always gives us a good deal. The troop got dark "forest" green shirts, but for the hot mommas..... we got moss green "Bella" shirts, cut for our curves. (BTW..... this Momma's shirt size: MEDIUM.... I'm still having a hard time adjusting to this!)

Watch out Boy Scouts........ tripletmomma is coming to camp!


  1. Good lord, you are HOT, yes I am talking in a lesbian kind of

  2. You are TOO funny!! If I ever jump the fence, I'll be sure to land in your yard!!

    So glad to "see" you online..... I had to go get Amy on your ass! xoxoxo

  3. I've TRIED to friend you on Facebook, and for some reason the "add as friend" doesn't show up. Friend ME - Deanne Upchurch - and then I can keep up with your adventures!!

    I "knew" you on the Low Carb forum, and am so excited to see your success! I am totally in awe of your skin removal surgery. You always WERE fab, but I am totally impressed with your commitment and results!

  4. Deanne....... hope you're from Oklahoma..... I went looking for you on Facebook :)