Monday, December 12, 2011

I haven't meant to be soooo absent!

Thing is....... I'm a graphic designer, who runs my own studio at home, and I've been so busy, I've had to drop my book club meetings, and try to get my workouts in around all the work.

I'm feeling torn with all of this, because I've worked on my own here for about 10 years. Every single client that I've ever worked for, with the exception of two that I needed to drop because they were sucking the life out of me, I still work for. These clients tell their friends, who ask me to do work for them, and THEY tell friends, and so on. Honestly, the referrals are nice, and quite flattering.

However, I've always been a "print" artist. Meaning, I do brochures, business cards, collateral, etc. I've worked in this industry forever. BUT..... many of my newer clients are looking for website headers, 3D graphics representing their books, audios, videos, etc. I didn't realize there were SO MANY of these particular folks that need work done, and it seems I've bitten off more than I can chew (read: I have a hard time saying no)

So...... I need to make some decisions pretty soon about what I'm doing with all of this.

Anyway....... the reason I'm here today, is to let you all know that my lower body lift, and inner thigh lift have been scheduled! This is the last of the body contouring that I plan on getting (though... this chicken neck of mine might also have a future revision...... we'll see)

I'm getting a lower body lift (raise up the butt, gives me a g-string type scar) an inner thigh lift, which will probably be as nice as it sounds, and some minor revisions to the stuff I already had done. My boobs still look fabulous, but I have "dog ears" under my arms where the scars don't want to lay down nicely, and I have some dimpling in my cleavage that the doc would like to stick fat injections into. Plus, the fix on my arm where they had to open my stitches because of possible compartmental syndrome. So.... here we go again! Another 8 hours of surgery, and I'll finally have a butt/legs that don't CONTINUE walking once I've stopped (I know you know what I mean!)

I'll post pix closer to surgery, and I've added a cute little ticker to help me count down the days......

I do still struggle at times, with not only food choices, but QUANTITY. I don't care WHAT people say, I have good restriction, but I can certainly put 4-5 cups worth of lettuce in there! However, I can only put 1/2 cup worth of pumpkin seeds in there without feeling full, so I have to think that the fullness thang is more about the type of food, as opposed to strictly the quantity?

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