Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I figured I'd post about how I'm feeling!

The weekend before last, I woke up on Saturday, feeling GREAT! I had been so tired and lethargic after this lower body lift/medial thigh lift surgery, and I was worried that it was going to take forever to get my mojo back. But it's here..... and I've been given the all clear to go back to regular, vigorous exercise! Woo hoo!

I'm going to attach a few pictures of me during my recovery..... some might be a little icky, but the truth isn't always pretty!

Here are some BEFORE pictures of my legs....... you can see my toned muscle (I've was totally rocking it out at the gym for at least 5 months before this surgery... doing 2x/week with a trainer, 4x/week zumba, and at least climbing the Empire State Building 1x/week on the stair master)

Close your eyes if you're sensitive......

 This is a picture of my BUTT, with drains coming right out of the cheek! I was stunned to see where there were coming out of!

 My tattoo moved up my leg nearly 5 inches!! look how close she got, without cutting into it! I did give her permission to cut into it if needed, the artist that did this still works at Detroit Ink, and I'd have him fix it if I needed to!
 My right hip..... you can still see the ink from where I was marked up!
 My view for the first 2 weeks...... See the dressing on my calf? This momma was so allergic to latex, that even the tubes from the drains were giving me bubbly/blistery skin. It almost looks like burns!

There's boo-boo #1. It was an opening on my back, in the "g-string line" if you drew a line from my hip all the way around to the center of my left cheek, that is where this is. That white thing in the middle of the opening? The drainage tube, my body was rejecting the tubes, and opened this spot to PUSH the drain out. This hole then became the drainage access point for my body, since it rejected the drain. This took until last week (week 5 post-op) to close up. Now, you can barely see a teeny-tiny scab. The beauty good living!

Momma got her hair washed and dried...... ahhhhhh! That's about 1 week post-op

My fur-babies trying to make me feel better :)

My view from week 2-4

Starting to feel better!

"Burn" marks from drainage tube. All it did was TOUCH my calf....

That's enough pix for today :)

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