Tuesday, August 4, 2009

32 hours, 37 minutes..... but who's counting?

I leave here on Thursday morning, at 5:00am, to arrive at Harper Hospital at 6am for check-in. My surgery is scheduled for 7:30am. I am the first one slotted for that day, so hopefully, that means, I don't get delayed by other people having surgery that day!!

I'm about a 50/50 mix of excited and nervous. Which only means that everyone I see from now until they put me under anethesia will be hearing me incessantly talking. I'm a nervous talker. But.... thankfully, when I'm that nervous, I also think on my feet, so I'm DAMN funny too. Hey... I have a horn to toot, I'm gonna toot it! :)

I've been scouring over lapbanktalk.com and watching other ppl who are getting banded before me, and seeing how they're doing..... so far only one has reported back. She got banded today, and is back on the computer tonight. A good sign.

I need to go and write the "blanket" e-mail to all my clients that I'm actually taking 4 days off (gasp, choke) which I haven't done since I started this business, in December 2007.

Who wants to bet my desk is going to be PILED high tomorrow, with all those last minute requests??

For those who don't know me...... I'm a graphic designer. I run my own studio, and have a short list of clients that I certainly try to take the utmost care of. Perhaps they're spoiled.... but then again, so am I. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with, and they all pay me on time, without question. I've only ever had to "fire" one client since starting up on my own... but being spoiled, and being spoiled rotten are different things. That client called me at 1:00am 10 too many times. And then quibbled about my pricing. And my hours!! Really?? Really??! So, when the big job was over, the next time they called, I said "I'm sorry, I'm so busy, I can't dedicate the time I need to for your project, and I refuse to do anything less than 120% for you..." They were left flabbergasted. They can go back to Elance and get themselves someone who will work for $1.50/hr. :)

Back to ME..... nervous, excited, agitated, frustrated.... and having a general feeling of "let's get this rolling already!".....

BTW.... I need to pre-pay $6,000 for the part my insurance won't cover. My doctor's office took my cc information, do you think they've done it yet? No. Said that they can't get a hold of anyone in the cashiers office at the hospital.

Never in my life have I had such a hard time GIVING someone $6,000.00!

Tomorrow, *I* am going to call the cashier's office at the hospital..... who wants to bet I can get this done within a few minutes tomorrow?

We'll see.

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