Monday, August 16, 2010

Momma wants to hit a big goal by THIS Sunday!

I am posting this goal sheet, that I've been working on since 2002!

I am exactly 2.5 pounds away from being able to say "I've lost 150 pounds"

I would like to say this on Sunday, at my Uncle's 80th birthday party. I haven't seen a lot of these people since a wedding last September.

So....... here's the goal sheet:

375.5: Beginning weight, my highest ever recorded weight. I felt HORRIBLE that I was closer to 400 than 300. It scared me, and I was starting to have some problems, like not being able to reach everything while in the shower, and I broke a chair at a friends house (one of those cheap plastic lawn chairs)

351.4:  Then revisited many times. I was 350-355 when I went to the lap-band doctor for the first time. achieved 7-2009
348: a weight I've logged MANY times achieved 7-2009

345: Weight where I don't have to contort myself to properly cleanse everything. achieved 8-2009

339: I was able to diet down to this number in 2006, and then gave up. All my new clothes were just starting to fit. I'm such an ASS! achieved 8 -2009

333: In 2004, I started Atkins at this weight... this was the time when I was able to get down to 269 (with the help of the stomach flu!) achieved  8-2009

330: The top weight of my favorite scale. Seeing that "ERR" message is always a humbling and depressing sight. achieved 8-2009

329: I'll register on my favorite scale! (this scale isn't currently working...needs a battery.)achieved  9-2009

326.5: A number I was at during my first few posts on this forum, in 2002.achieved 9-2009

319: Because the 320's and I have REALLY battled it out!achieved 9-2009

315: Only 15 pounds away from 300!achieved 9-2009

308: Last time I was weighed for life insurance, this is what I weighed. I also got a rejection notice because of my height/weight ratio. I wanted a large policy so that my children wouldn't have to worry for money if something happened to me. The best I could get was a $250k policy. achieved 9-2009

305: I hit this low in 2005, around March!achieved 9-28-2009

300: The top weight on my "other" scale is 300.achieved 10-2009

299: Want this by April 23, 2007!achieved 10-2009

298: Two town!! I remember weighing myself on a scale at Walmart and thinking "at least I didn't see the ERR message"!!achieved 10-2009

280: I weighed this when I was doing plus-size runway in NYC. I remember thinking that I looked really good then.achieved 11-2009

279: I *complained* in this journal that I was back up to 279 That was April, 2004. achieved 11-2009

275.5: I hit this in April, 2004 achieved 12-2010

262: All time low in the past 8 years. I hit this between March-April of 2000, a few weeks after I had given birth to my boys achieved 2-2010

248: Shift from Morbidly obese to severely obese (oh, joy) achieved 5-2010

240: I'd love to see this by September 16, 2010 achieved 6-2010

225.5: Officially losing 150 pounds from highest weight, would like to hit this by August 22,2010 for a family party! 

216: I weighed in at a Nutri-System sometime in 1987, and was surprised that I was over 200 pounds. I was 20 years old. I'm now 42.

199: A trip back to Onederland... haven't been there in at least 20 years!

191: I'll be considered OVERWEIGHT instead of OBESE (BMI 29.9)

185: I remember going with a friend to see a guy we knew from high school in jail. Our priest had asked us to go and visit him, and let him know that we care about him. Anyway... a very large scary man was sitting in the seat next to him, and asked me to pick up the phone. I did, and he expressed his desire to know me better. Of course, I was young and freaked out, I was a senior in high school, and pretty naïve, so I just smiled. He had told me he liked girls with some meat on them, and had said "I'm a good judge of weight... I think you weight 185". I remember being weirded out, because that's exactly what I weighed!

160: I weighed this when I was a freshman in high school.

159: MY BMI would be considered NORMAL, instead of OBESE (24.9)

140: I dieted down to this during my freshman/sophmore years. This is the least I have weighed for my height. I was fully 5'6" at age 15, and haven't grown in height since. Here's a picture of me, weighing about 140:

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  1. You will get there. You are doing great. And even if you are still two pounds away....saying I lost 148 pounds or almost 150 is just as great to say! Or just say...I am two pounds away from 150! People will be in awe! Have fun!