Friday, August 27, 2010

Goals, goals, goals....... what has become of them?

So...... I had a goal of reaching 225.5 by last Sunday, which no matter how hard I tried, how long I stayed on the elliptical, how clean I ate, I could not break the stall I've had for two weeks. I was 229.2, then 228, and now again at 229.2.

I do however, have some theories........

• I have a nasty sinus infection. Infection doesn't seem the right word for this, because it feels much more like I took an axe to the face last week! I'm currently on a second, more aggressive round of antibiotics, and have been taking Vicodin for the pain.

I've stopped the vicodin, because everyone needs to poop SOMETIME...... and the vics make it nearly impossible for me!

• I'm bloated. BLOATED. B  L  O  A  T  E  D. I haven't seen a lot of water retention since I've gotten my band, and suddenly, my left foot blew up like a BALLOON. I tend to retain water on the top of my left foot, suspiciously under a tattoo that I have. I'm not sure what the issue is with that, but I always know I've got some extra water going on when that tattoo takes on a very 3D look and feel. All the ink raises up, and it takes on quite an interesting appearance. Weird, but true. Wonder if there's scar tissue there? Anyway....... on days of exceptional water retention, the entire top of that foot gets swollen, which happened on Sunday. I think the vicodin/antibiotics might be the culprit in the great BLOAT.

• On Sunday, we went to my Uncle's 80th birthday party. It was very nice, a catered affair, and the coleslaw was delish. I am going to have to concede here, though, and realize that catered meats are going to FOREVER be on my banned list. No insult to caterers out there, but there's no way to keep chicken, ribs, pork, ham, or any other type of meat moist enough for this bandster. After bitching like crazy at my mother, who while sitting next to me kept cawing "chew, chew, chew" in my ear, I complained that she was picking on me, and to go and pick on someone else for a while. Of course, within 30 seconds, I was STUCK....... sliming, and generally miserable. Thankfully, it moved within 10 minutes, and I was fine. Of course, during that 10 minutes, mom was able to explain to everyone at the table what getting "stuck" means. Thanks mom!

Anyway...... I ate fine at the party, ate the foods that I wanted, stayed away from the cookies, had a few bites of cake (nasty...... cherry chip cake with REALLY granular frosting.... eww!) and some weird sort of blueberry pie that was much more like a bar of some sort.

Monday, I didn't exercise, mostly because it felt as if my nose was actually going to fall off my face. I went to the dentist, thinking the problem was a tooth, it's my sinuses. Asked about sinus surgery....... told that in most cases, it makes matters worse. I've had this goddamn sinus infection for at least 15 years. WTF?!?

Mom and Dad watched the kids while I went to the dentist, and when I came back, Dad wanted to talk. Ut-oh. He never wants to talk. Anyway, short story, he has prostate cancer, and is going in for treatment in 2-3 weeks. Some sort of cryo procedure. They caught it early, it isn't affecting anything else, and it's a very slow growing cancer.

I was strong for him, and the moment they left, I ransacked the kitchen.

Long blow up story abbreviated: I gained 9 pounds since Monday. Today is FRIDAY. I will admit that I ate shitty food....... but I didn't eat 9 pounds worth of shitty food. I still ate much much less than I ever did pre-band, but I think between the antibiotics, vicodin bloat, and magic shell ice cream sauce, I messed myself up but good!

I put on my big girl panties yesterday, got back on my elliptical, and ate clean yesterday, and plan on eating clean today. and tomorrow. and everyday thereafter.

I tripped and fell. I've brushed myself off, and I'm going to take care of this. However..... I was still UP .2 pounds today. I was half expecting to see the scale see 235, not 237.4 today.

I'm not changing my ticker, because I don't plan on staying here. I STILL want to see 225.5, and I want to see it by October 1st!

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