Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another 20 pounds..... another picture!

Each time I lose 20 pounds, I take a picture. I take them front and side and then superimpose them on top of previous pictures.

Here's a few.... I can finally see the difference. It's taken a long time for my brain to catch up with the rest of my body.

Here I am at 365

at 350

at 316

at 285

at 265

at 245

and at 225

Alright.... I'm not wearing makeup today, but it's raining, and my hair frizzed! I was at 221.6 last Sunday and I was about 224 today. I think I was dehydrated on Sunday, and I haven't exercised all week.... I'm turning the dining room into my office, and the elliptical needed to move temporarily out of the dining room until we get chair rail installed, and the paint done. I might have to plug it in in the entryway in order to keep up the exercise!

Staying in the past..........

Looking towards the future.....

Down 155 pounds in this picture :) Excited to lose about another 75!


  1. amazing. i remember looking at these the other day but i think i couldn't comment or something.

    you must be so proud. you are like a whole different person.

    are people not recognizing you? how are you dealing with that?

  2. I've always been a very active volunteer at the elementary school.... I figured since I sent them three at the same time, that perhaps I need to kick in a little :)

    Anyway.... there's a lot of parents that don't recognize me, until they see me with the boys!

    At first, I was a little put off.... not being recognized also means that I'm treated like a stranger.

    However.... it's also kinda nice. Some of the people that I've met over the years at the school haven't always been the nicest. I don't want to "re-friend" someone who found it so difficult to be nice to me when I was so much bigger.

    I think this actually deserves a whole post..... later today when I actually have a few minutes!

    Hugs..... Karen