Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who the hell are you?

Heidi, aka: shrinking mommy asked me a question on my post with all my 20 pound picture updates:

are people not recognizing you? how are you dealing with that?

It's true..... some people aren't recognizing me.

It seems to be a mixed bag of emotions when it happens. I suppose it's completely situational.

One of my BFF's Toni and I went to bingo a few weeks ago. It's something we do together, and most of our friends don't partake. Now that there's NO SMOKING it's a much more enjoyable time, considering we used to leave just REEKING of smoke, and I'd always have a headache. All these smoking complaints from a ex-smoker. I admit it, I'm the evil ex-smoker. I can't stand the smell of smoke, it makes me sick.

Anyway, a woman we both know from our children's school was passing out the books. So this lady (her name is Geneva..... which I actually really like..... considering it's also a font.... if I were reborn, I'd want my name to be Helvetica!) is all smiles and says to Toni "how are you? how have you been? how's things??" and looks in my direction, and then back at Toni.

Snark that I am..... I say "Um....... I'm doing really well myself, thankuverymuch!"

She looked at me, smiled politely, and continued talking to Toni.

Even Toni was dumbstruck (which never happens..)

We sat down at our table, and of course, were clucking like a couple of chickens (a hen-fest, as my husband calls it)

I thought that perhaps I had upset her at school. Maybe she heard that I said something bad about her? I hadn't, but the volunteers at the elementary school are g-o-s-s-i-p-s, and tend to fill in the blanks with their own ideas/words.

Then it dawned on us. She had no clue who I was. I hadn't seen her since September of last year!

We had a good laugh, and I felt better knowing that she was cold because I was a stranger..... and not because I was an asshole :P

Back to school night...

This night is a giant cluster-fuck for me! Having triplets, in different classes, with open houses on the same night at the same time, I tend to run from class to class. There are four 5th grade classes this year, so my boys are in class with 75% of their grade. That means I also have contact with 75% of those kid's parents.

Did I mention I'm the Box Tops Coordinator for our school as well? Well... up until this year. I put a note out that I need a replacement. My work has increased 10-fold, and I just can't count up all those little suckers. You'd think a dime at a time wouldn't add up to much, right? In the past 2 years alone, our school collected over $10,000 worth! It's nice, considering that we live at ground-zero as far as the economy goes (Metro Detroit) 

Anyway, this mom Janice (J'neece) introduces herself to me. I stood there staring at her, because we'd been pretty good acquaintances up until that point. Heck, we've had PLAY DATES.

Just as I was about to tell her who I was, two of my boys came up to me with some sort of grievance, and she looked at them, and looked at me, back to them, back to me, and then the realization came over her face.

We had a good laugh, and she congratulated me on my loss.

I've noticed something else too.....

That some women that I know..... specifically, CHUBBY women that I know, have not said one word about my loss.

My husband is the one who pointed it out.

There's a few women that I'm friends with, that are a part of the 30-70 pounds overweight club. 

Something about my loss has rendered them mute. I'm not sure if they don't want to say anything because they don't want me to feel self conscious...... or because THEY feel self conscious.

There's a gaggle of them, though...... and their silence seems to be speaking volumes. I find it strange.... but I understand.

BTW...... my fill from 2 weeks ago?

I can't tell the difference. AT ALL. I'm scheduled for another fill this Thursday at 10:45  I'm currently at 9cc, I'm hoping they'll put me to 10cc. I would bet, however, that I'll be reporting 9.5cc


I haven't been on the elliptical in 2 weeks. I moved it out of the room that it's in to paint the room. But we've been busy spackling, moving, getting the paint, cleaning out the room, etc., and I haven't gotten on it since. I also haven't lost a stinking pound since I got off it. MEH!

Blast from the past.......

At a wedding, in 2008 (my brother and I)

This past Saturday, with 2/3 boys


  1. thanks for this post. it is weird not being recognized. i have started to have that. usually they say to me until they heard my voice they had no idea who i was.

    here is what i noticed with the fat/chubby girls....not only will they not say anything -- they won't look at me. today i caught someone who went from chubby to obese this past year look right through me. it was really weird. she tried to pretend she did not see me but see couldn't stop staring through me.

    i still can't get over your pictures. and i think we should run off and get married. (sure, bring the kids. husband too, if you want). MY bff is named Toni and I LOVE bingo. LOVE LOVE LOVE to go play. lol.

  2. We **should** get married! My boys would LOVE princess, and I bet she'd like 3 older boys as her protectors from all bullies and n'eer do wells out there!

    My husband can do what he does now: bring home a paycheck, and take out the trash. That works, right?

    We could have our OWN show about polygamists! However, we'd be much more stylin', cuz we'd live in South Beach!