Thursday, November 19, 2009

I hit my mini-goal!

I had said that I really wanted to get to 279.... that I remembered hitting that number 2-3 times since I gave birth in 2000.

Yesterday, I rang in at 278.4! I was very happy to see it, since I seemed to have been bouncing between 282-284 for about 3 weeks.

I went for another fill this past Tuesday, and currently have 8.5cc in a 14cc band. I am being EXCEPTIONALLY careful with what I am eating, since things started getting stuck when I was at 7.5cc. I had a very nasty experience with a snack bag of Sun Chips that refused to go down..... or come up. So I sat in AGONY in my bathroom, sliming but never having a PB. I had no idea that a stomach could have contractions (not unlike labor pain, btw!) and it actually had contractions stronger and closer together, until finally, about an hour into this ordeal, I had a big hiccup, and everything was ok again.

The parallel to labor pains was so absolutely, and eerily spot on, that I was in shock! I honestly do NOT want that to happen again. I do have issues with eating too quickly, and need to work on it, because I have had some smaller episodes that give me some (not so gentle) reminders that if I don't slow down and chew everything completely, I am going to be in some serious pain, and it doesn't just last a few minutes.

SO.... back to mini-goals!

My next goal is to get to 275.5. Why this number? Because at my highest, I weighed 375.5. That would be a true 100 pounds loss from my highest weight.

I will post the next FEW mini-goals, just so I can keep my thoughts organized!

275 - I'd really like to hit this by Saturday... going to a wedding, and would like to say I've lost 90 pounds when people ask how much I've lost.

269 - Hit this number back in 2004 when I had stomach flu. Never saw it again since.

262 - The lowest weight I've hit in YEARS. I remember being 262 exactly 3 weeks after giving birth (I had gained 75 pounds with pregnancy.... had pre-eclampsia and gained 50 of that 75 in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy... after giving birth, I lost 80 pounds in 3 weeks.... obviously, ALL water retention from the pre-eclampsia!)

259 - I'd have to say that I haven't seen the 250's since the late 80's, early 90's. I don't remember any "numbers" between 216 - 262 as far as milestones go. I was 216 in 1986, while I was in my first few years of college. I also remember weighing 185 in my Senior Year of High School (I also remember weighing 140 when I was a Sophomore)

249 - Being closer to 200 than 300

Those are the goals that I have for now...... not sure where I'm going..... but I'd certainly like to re-enter Onederland again..... haven't been there since 1986!


  1. CONGRATS! Your goals are awesome, I think it's great that they all have meaning and aren't that far apart. It's so important to set attainable goals! You'll be there in no time at the rate your going!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and CONGRATULATIONS on your mini-victory!! I'm excited for you, it looks like you're doing awesome so far!!

  3. Hey there K ! You are rocking it lady BIG TIME !! I think you're goals are great and I think that if you keep up you're awesome effort and work you WILL get there !