Monday, November 9, 2009


So, TWO different people said something to me this weekend that has to make me wonder.

Both of them mentioned how much weight I've lost, and that somehow I seem.... shorter.

Really? Shorter?

I have to wonder why two different people, who have absolutely no ties to each other, could say the same thing?

Did I have 3 inches of fat on the bottom of my feet.... chubby platforms, so to speak?

I measured myself..... I am still 5'6" tall.

How is it, that now that I am smaller, I am seen as smaller as a whole??

I just find it very interesting that perception can be somewhat global!

BTW..... my children (as you know, triplets..... all boys, aged "almost" 10) have not noticing a THING. I asked them if I looked smaller.... each one of them said "not that I've noticed". Amazing how three young boys can keep me grounded! :D

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