Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend ramblings.... NSVs and more

I've had a rough few days.... but want to quickly say, I'm still in control!

On Saturday, I was really hoping for 275 on the scale. Even 275.9 would have been a victory in my book for hitting a mini-goal, but for whatever reason, the scale refused to budge from 276.2. I figured it was .3 pounds, and that not every goal is going to be accomplished according to my mind's timetable.

I got ready for the wedding I was going to, and was surprised to find that although I had tried my dress on a week prior, within that time, and about 3 pounds lost, that my dress was just slightly too big. When I tried it on before, it fit just right. Since it was just slightly too big, I felt good about it. Then I put on my shoes. I wore these shoes (and the dress) at the end of September when I was 305... but now I was nearly 30 pounds less than that at 276. The shoes were too big! WAY TOO BIG! My feet slid forward in them, and my toes were getting mashed up at the front.

See... for as long as I can remember, I've worn a 9 wide. When I was a teenager, I didn't wear wide shoes, I wore a regular size 8-1/2. I put on the shoes, and my toes were killing me.... and I realized why: the shoes were WAY TOO BIG. Too big, too wide. I had to dig through my closet and found a pair of black heels (albeit, way out of style.... chunky heeled platforms) that I haven't been able to wear in FOREVER, because my feet were too wide.

Not anymore! Those shoes fit like Cinderella's slipper! It's a crazy NSV, but I'm glad to be buying "regular width" shoes now instead of "wide"...... the wide shoes, in many stores, are very grandma-looking. So... I had been buying shoes from Sihouettes, since they're stuff is pretty fashionable.

I actually wrote this post a few days ago, and left it in my drafts to work on later, but I've been SO busy with my paying work, that I didn't have time to finish it properly.

I am a graphic designer who owns my own business. Actually, I run my studio out of my house. If any of my friends here need business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, etc., designed and printed, let me know. I have a FABULOUS printer who's prices are amazing. One of my clients is, I design posters for both OSU and LSU..... I design custom posters that have the marching band spelling your name (or whatever name you choose) on the field during half time. They're pretty cool for Buckeye and Tiger fans! It's also been keeping me SUPER busy, since it's Christmas season. So if I'm quiet, know that I'm busy, busy, busy scripting posters :)

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  1. Isnt it fantastic to say well cant wear this anymore because it's TOO big instead of too small !!! I LOVE THAT FEELING. I wish you lived closer and we could go on a shopping trip !