Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have not been a good eater.

The food that I eat is fine, but the times that I eat it probably isn't, and I'm going to do an experiment with myself over the next month, to see if this metabolic reboot won't help.

For the last few years, I tend not to eat during the day. I have 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning, and then nothing until about 4-5pm. I'll have a regular dinner, but then I'm an eating machine from 6-10pm. Then directly to bed. I do not, however, wake up to eat in the middle of the night, essentially ruling out Night-Eating Syndrome Eating Disorder  I've also been tracking calories.... and I'm not even clocking in at 1000 calories/day. Which means, I'm in starvation-mode, which explains meager losses lately.

So, I've read a bit, and have decided to do this:

Eat breakfast at around 9:00am (I've done this for 2 days now)
Eat lunch at around noon
Eat a snack at about 3:00pm
Eat dinner at 6:00pm
Eat a snack at about 8:45pm, nothing past 9PM.

So that when I have breakFAST, I actually am breaking a 12 hour fast. This should help get my metabolism back in good shape.

So.... I suppose I'll need to be accountable for a while with foods, and making sure I'm getting enough of everything, so I'll post daily menus for a while, and I'm sure if you people see a problem, you'll let me know?? Thanks in advance!

Tuesday's Food

9:00am Breakfast, 1 serving of Sugar-Free Apple & Cinnamon Oatmeal (Great Value Brand)
1:30pm Lunch, 1 Arnold's Whole Wheat Sandwich thin, with yellow mustard, 1 slice provolone, 3 slices hard salami, and lettuce.
5:45pm Dinner  Baked Chicken breast (about 4 ounces) made with a thin coating of low-fat mayo, and bread crumbs, cheddar mashed potatoes (about 3/4 cup) corn (1/2 cup) cranberries (1/4 cup). 1" slice banana bread with a dollop of whipped cream for dessert.
8:45pm Snack, about 1 cup of cottage cheese, with 3 teaspoons of light ranch dressing

I had about 2 cups of coffee, 1 glass of milk, and 2 glasses of iced tea (decaf) as well

Does that look like I got enough food?

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  1. I thought I would comment on my own post...... this way of eating TOTALLY works for me! I didn't weigh all week, and when I did, I was down 4 pounds! That's an AWESOME week, considering I felt like I was eating all the time!