Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding ring...

As I washed my hair yesterday (which still seems to be shedding quite a bit...... not sure if that's something I need to worry about, or if my body is going through an adjustment? Perhaps it's just that it's longer than it's been in years?? My hair is quite thick, so the shedding isn't obvious.... but I definitely lose 20-30 noticeable hairs off my head each time I'm in the shower!) my wedding ring almost fell off! 

It's been noticeably looser for a few weeks now. (This..... the ring that at one point, was hurting my finger so badly, that it took ice and butter to get it off, and I didn't wear it for a few months, because I was afraid it was going to cut off my circulation!)

So, I put it on a chain, to wear on my neck until I finish this part of my life journey. I think it would be silly to get it resized more than once.... so onto the chain it goes for the unforeseeable future.

I then went to my jewelry stash (which is slim pickins) and saw that I had two rings that I never wore. Not because I didn't like them..... but because they didn't fit my ring finger. One is my paternal great-grandmother's ring. It's an emerald, probably 1/2 carat, in a very delicate setting. I laughed to myself, thinking...... I don't know why I'm trying this on, it's never fit me. And then.... on it slides! OMG! This ring is old.... my grandfather was born in 1899, so the ring clocks in somewhere at about 100 years old. It's gorgeous... but as a cocktail ring. Perhaps the next wedding I go to I'll wear it :)

The next ring I tried on is the ring my parents gave me as a gift for my college graduation. It's white gold, with 3 diamonds, and 4 sapphires... each about 1/4 carat. My parents had the ring made at Braunschweigers Jewelers This ring didn't fit when they gave it to me. I'm pretty sure I didn't weigh as much as 270 when I graduated college, because around that same time, I was working retail, and I can remember buying size 18/20, and although I can wear a few 18/20 items, I'm securely in a 22/24. My body has probably changed however.... and I don't have any swelling in my hands, like I probably did then. So, I'm not going to fool myself into believing that I'm as low as I was in college (for some reason..... 245 rings in my head as a weight in college.... not sure why that number keeps coming up.... but it certainly makes sense)

I say... who cares? This beautiful ring fits, and my husband doesn't care if I wear in in place of my wedding ring, since the likelihood of my losing it is like this woman's!

I still have my high school ring.... which I know I wore when I weighed 140. Wonder if that will ever fit?


  1. Great NSV's...I'm also in the hair shedding dept. I read that it usually occurs between months 3-6 post op. and then should stop! I'm crossing my fingers thats the truth!

  2. great NSV Karen !! I too am shedding like a lion !!! I asked my surgeon and she said that it will stop when my body becomes accustom to the loss. But she did suggest that if I was overly concerned I could use the Nioxin line to help with the thin hair !! I'm like great thats the one place on my body that I dont want thin....go figure right ??

  3. My dearest Kren...just wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family !! XOXOXO