Friday, December 11, 2009

PB / Slime

So..... when I went from 6.5cc to 7.5cc in my band, I found out almost immediately that the band was much tighter. I had a sliming episode with my first meal after the fill (my dr. doesn't ask us to go back on liquids or mushies... regular food after fill is fine)

It wasn't the sliming that was the problem, it was the pain that I felt as my body tried to figure out what to do with the stuck food. Because of my fundoplication, I had already found out (through the stomach flu) that I couldn't vomit.... or PB as it may. Actually, I did have one small PB, but it was all slime, and didn't help any!

So now that I am at 8.5cc, I'm finding that I have sliming incidents anywhere from 5-7x/week.

Does this mean I'm too restricted? How can it be, when I'm still hungry... and OFTEN! I still have issues with wanting to eat naughty foods. However..... I made a cake this week for my kids, and when I had a slice.... it got stuck. I slimed for about 1/2 hour. It sucked. I was so pissed at the cake, I wouldn't even look at it again!

I am slowly realizing that if I eat too quickly, or don't completely liquify my food.... it gets stuck. Gosh.... I never thought I'd have to learn how to CHEW again!

I also seem to have hit a wall with weightloss. I have bounced between 275-280 for about a month. What is up with that? I haven't started exercising yet...... think that has something to do with it? (that's rhetorical.... I know that it's TOTALLY why I haven't lost any more poundage!)

Alright... I seem to be getting crabbier as I write....... I'll go and have that Muffin/Hot Cocoa party for the class that won the Box Tops contest this month (I'm a Box Tops coordinator for my school...... #1 in Michigan last year..... #48 in the nation!! Made $6640.00 last year for my school!!)


  1. Bummer about the sliming. Wish I had some advice, but alas, with no fills/restriction, I have no clue yet!

    Where are you in MI? I'm in Toledo - if it's not far, we'll have to get together sometime!

  2. Amy....... I'm about 20 miles N of Detroit.... very close to Selfridge Air Force Base (and more importantly, Partridge Creek Mall!)

    We do have to get together!

  3. Hola my dear, yes it may seem that you are too tight !! You shouldnt be having that many sliming episodes. My doc has us do liquids for the rest of the day after sliming or pbing and it might be a good idea just to let your stomach soothe itself out.