Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three years... where have the inches gone?

Off my bod...... that's where!

I just realized today, that I started logging measurements one month past my band date.

To clarify for all: I went for my consultation in June of 2009. I started dieting in April 2009, and went from my all time high of 375.5 to 350 for my consultation. From the consultation, to my band, I lose an additional 15 pounds, and was banded on August 6, 2009 weighing about 335. I made a mistake on the chart below...... my weight on 9-7-90 was 313, not 331.

I've been bouncing between 168 and 175 since after arm lift surgery, 11 weeks ago. I'd really like to get to 160 before having lower body lift surgery, but I also need to think to myself..... I am going to lose some weight during the surgery. My butt/thighs are in horrible shape. Jello, wobbly.... mess! The skin is heavy, and filled with flab that just isn't going away. Would I be silly to think that I could lose between 12-20 pounds during that surgery? I think I'm going to go look around, and see if I can't find other lower body lift patients that have had surgery, and see what they lost. 

My ultimate goal is to be about 150. I have nothing left to lose from my waist up. If you see pictures/video of me, you can start to see my rib "bumps" on my chest. You can also see my neck bones down the back of my neck. My fingers are down to the size that they were in high school (hence, school ring fitting) Even my bra size is the same is high school (34D) My waist, as you can see above, is 27-1/2". But my hips/thighs/butt...... they need help. I do plan on getting that done next year, probably in late February, early March. I don't want to have to go through the whole summer with stitches in my hoo-hoo.

hee hee....... hoo hoo!

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