Thursday, January 19, 2012

Been there........ done FAT!

Appropriate, no?

My husband and I were talking last night, and I had mentioned about how I used to deny, deny, DENY when I was at my highest weight. I would deny that my high blood pressure had anything to do with my weight, that my being out of breath ALL the time was because I was tired.... not fat!

I would tell anyone who would listen, that I might be over 300 pounds...... but I was HEALTHY.

I was NOT healthy.

Not even a little.

Not even a smidge.

Anyway, we were talking about that, because I have a friend who struggles with her weight, and she and I sat down to eat one day, and her plate RUNNETH over. She started telling me about how she counts her carbs, and fats..... and I was looking at her plate and doing some math of my own (I hate to admit that I'm *that* person now) and with a glance, counted up the calories..... and it ran well over 2000. I would guess that the salt grams rang in over 2000 as well.

But I would never, EVER tell her what my opinion of her plate is, unless she pointedly asked me for it. Because, I've been there. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and the AMOUNT I wanted, for a loooong time. If someone smaller than me (no pun intended) weighed in unsolicited on my food choices, I would have been insulted/pissed and look very hard at that friendship.

So when I said to my husband "I've been there..... done that" he looked at me, and just as quickly said "shouldn't it be..... 'been there, done FAT?'"

Yes...... yes it should. Because I've TOTALLY  "Been There, Done Fat!"

Feel free to steal my graphic if you want, I made it so I could put it on my facebook page.

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