Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Pomegranate Martini Recipe - only 75 calories, 2 gm sugar!

Low-Carb, Low-Sugar, Low-Calorie

I love Pomegranate martinis, and used to buy Smirnoff Pomegranate Martini by the bottle...... but upon reading it, it was filled with Pomegranate juice, and lemon liquor..... which spells CALORIES to me. I wanted to have something as yummy, but without all those pesky pesky grams of sugar.

As I was standing in the booze aisle, mourning the fact that a martini just wasn't in my future for that evening (and trust me.... I sooooooooooooooo needed it!) a lightbulb went off.

I checked the nutrionals on Smirnoff flavored vodkas..... and they all clock in at 69 calories per shotglassfull (is that a word? it is now!)

Then I realized, I could use the Oceanspray DIET juice, I remembered seeing Blueberry/pomegranate, and Cranberry/pomegranate..... so I ran over, and grabbed a bottle of juice, and saw that it's 5 calories/ 8 ounce cup, with 2g carb/sugar. THIS was do-able!

I went home, pulled out my favorite martini glass and did the following:

Filled martini glass with ice, and poured over:

1 shot Smirnoff Pomegranate Vodka
5 ounces OceanSpray Diet Cranberry/Pomegranate juice
splash Spice Originials Lemon Extract (no calories, carbs, etc)

Gentle stir.

This rings in at about 75 calories, and 2 carbs..... a really nice option for those who want to have a cocktail during the holidays, but still want to stay on plan. This is good for just about any diet!

I thought I'd share, because honestly, it was DELISH! The only thing missing was sugar on the rim :)

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