Sunday, November 21, 2010

Onederland...... why do you tease me so?

I'm stuck, stuck, stuck!

I've been 207-210 for the last 4 WEEKS!!!!!!!

I did briefly see 205.9 this week, so I'm claiming that mofo, cuz I SAW it on my scale (the one that doesn't lie)

But this is getting frustrating...... I really thought at the beginning of the month, when I was able to claim 207.6 that I had 199 by January 1st in the BAG.

Now..... I'm not so sure :(

After that 207.6 on my Sunday weigh in, I then saw (this is weekly, on Sunday's) 210.5, 209.6, and then today, 209.2

I crawled back through my weigh-ins, and notice that this time last year, I spent TWO MONTHS at 280, and then from February - April at 270. So, I do have stalls that last for two-three months.

But this stall..... THIS one, is emotionally eating at me. Honestly, if I stalled at 195, and sat there for three months, at least I'm sitting on THAT side of Onederland. Instead of THIS side of TwoTown.

I'm hoping to break this stall soon though...... I'd REALLY REALLY REALLY like to bring in the New Year at 199!

I know what I have to do....... i just don't want to do it. I stopped exercising at about #225, because work picked up even more than before, and I couldn't make time for it. But..... I'll be totally honest here..... I'm not a lover of exercise. There's no particular exercise that makes me feel good, or gets me excited. The elliptical bike does the job, I can wear my headphones and listen to music, and just zone out.... but I just haven't had the motivation to do it.

I've lost as much weight without exercise, as I have with..... but I think now I need to step up my game, and get on that goddamn machine.

I will admit, that physically, I feel wonderful when I am exercising. It just doesn't "do" it for me emotionally.

I think I'm in a funky place right now emotionally though...... having some "monthly" issues with o time, and tom time..... I totally SCREAMED at the boys the other day, because we thought they lost my phone (someone had handed it to me, and I had it in my back pocket) but before I realized that, I had myself a big-fat-ugly hissy fit. It sucked, and I still feel guilty about it. but not guilty enough to fess up that the phone was in my pocket the whole time. They tend to play on my phone, and just leave it anywhere, and this time, it was at their school. I figured that I wasn't going to do myself any favors by telling them that Mommy had the phone the whole time :(

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