Monday, November 8, 2010

List of Food Lap-Bandster's Probably Can't Eat Anymore.....

I'm putting together a top ten list, since many people have asked me what I can/can't eat. This list can be revisited, and renumbered, if followers/lurkers decide to weigh-in :)


1. Scrambled Eggs, omelettes
2. Meat that's too dry; meat jerky
3. Meats that are too fiberous: Lamb, Cheap cuts of beef, cube steaks
4. Bread
5. Pizza
6. Rice
7. Pasta
8. Raw celery
9. Fruit/Vegetable skins
10. Nuts

I wouldn't even try jerky meats...... but I had gone to a catered event, and got a slice of ham. It was dry, and I knew better. Slime-time!

All omelettes get me sliming within the first bite.

Breads **will* go down if I eat them slowly, chew like crazy, and only send small swallows down at a time. I can get down those "arnold's sandwich thins" if I coat it generously with vinegar first. I was eating turkey/provolone/romaine sammies with vinegar and a dash of oil on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin whole wheat..... but now that I'm at 10cc, I've tried twice to eat this sammy, and it got stuck both times.


I'm going to start posting some lunch/dinner recipes that don't get jammed in my band.

I try very hard not to eat a lot of gluten, and now that those arnold sandwich thins aren't going down the gullet anymore, hopefully, gluten-free. (long story..... but I was on Atkins for a long time, decided to have a special baked ziti dinner, and ended up in bed for 3 days, from a gluten intolerance)

So, I will try to post recipes a few times a week. I'm a "quality" foodie..... meaning, it's gotta taste GREAT in order to make it into this blog. My whole family has to dig it, and request it again :)

I have one in mind...... so watch for the next post!


  1. Raw carrots are a bad one for me. I probably just don't chew them enough.

  2. Ditto on those raw carrots! I about slimed all over the table at book club, because I was sitting next to the veggie platter! (better than the M&M bowl!)