Monday, November 22, 2010


So, I mentioned that I went to the plastic surgeon last week for a consultation.

The consult was $150, and I get 2 free clay mineral mask facials at my convenience, plus, if I choose to get the work done, $150 taken off the price. OK...... not bad. I do plan on seeing three surgeons, and then making an informed decision from there.

This one said this:

• You can get your arms and boobs done NOW. The weight that you have to lose is mainly from your waist down (yeah, yeah.... I'm a walking pear, always have been)

• My current BMI is 33. He would like to see it be a 29 for the tummy tuck/leg lift

• $15K for combo arms/boobs. My arm lift would go from my elbow, all the way down to about 1" PAST my bra band, since I currently have super saggies in my armpits/bra that I'm having to tuck all those nasty bits into my bra. My boobs would get the SPAIR breast lift (it's a technique) with no reduction, no additions. I'd be something like a 34D when I'm done. He thinks a D cup is where I should be, no smaller, since my frame holds it well (read: hourglass..... my boobs need to match my ample arse!)

• $15K-ish for the tummy tuck/leg lift. He was ok with putting these two procedures together like the arms/boobs. He isn't about the 10-hour marathon body lifts.

As a whole, I liked his portfolio, his demeanor, and his plastic M&M collection :) The husband came with me, and of course, he didn't like the look of ANY of the boob jobs..... but then, he really liked ALL the "before" pictures. My darling DH....... he's got that 70's natural, nipples as big as dinner plates mentality. Which, although I'd like to keep his booby thing alive, I CANNOT live with them the way they are right now. I have to wear a support system 24/7, otherwise, I need pain medication. (plus, my kids can hear them slapping down the hall...... I have all boys, and they're 10 years old...... they do not need to hear the girls arguing down the hall!)

He did say something ADORABLE that I need to share.......

"The girls are sisters, not TWINS...... they aren't going to look exactly the same"

That line might have just won him the $30K lottery that is my body.

Next consultation: Monday, November 30th, 1:30PM

This is with the surgeon that my regular doctor referred me to. I'm not in love with the website, but when I was talking to my hair stylist about it, she went gaga about that doctor. Apparently, he's done her mom's facelift, her aunts boobs, and plenty of clients. Hearing that...... I'm now more interested in talking to him than I was before. Lucky him! Will give the details when I get them.

I didn't get on the scale today......... but here's the menu for today:

3 cups coffee with FF milk and splenda
1 Protein Smoothie (1 C frozen blueberries, 1 C diet V8 Splash, 3 T ground flax, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder)

1 tall glass Crystal Light Lemonade
1 small serving Quiche Lorraine (oh so yummy)

1 glass FF milk
Seafood lasagna (made with rice lasagna noodles) (will give recipe if it's delish!)

3T chocolate granola mixed into a CARBmaster yogurt

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