Sunday, November 28, 2010

I have three scales.......

My name is Karen, and I'm a scale-a-holic.

I have 3 scales, one for each bathroom. If I lived in a mansion with 10 bathrooms, I'd have 10 scales. Minimum.

Not one of these scales ever concur with each other. EVER.

My powder room scale.... "Taylor" the oldest and kindest of the group, just told me this:

However, until the other two scales can come to the same agreement, I cannot in good faith claim Onederland to be my own.

I have a Weight Watchers scale, dubbed "WW", which is the middle child. It resides in my boy's bathroom. It always aims to please, but has often been painfully truthful as well. This is my go-to guy, which I generally trust over the newbie of the group.

My personal bathroom scale, Health-O-Meter body fat scale, in a sleek glass design, is considered "Old Salty" Always crabby, always honest, and has only twice lied to the point of laughter (when I weighed 330+, it mis-read once at 288. I remember wishing it was true, and how happy I would be to see that number. Now that I'm on THIS side of that number, that number would resolutely move me to tears..... not good ones!)

Old Salty, however, does concur with other scales. My DOCTOR'S scales. All of those nasty, nasty machines that mock me when I walk in the door. 

But.... I had to share what Taylor just said.

Wally and Old Salty need to weight wait until 2:00pm, my official, OCD defined, weigh-in time. It must be done completely naked (but not Taylor...... Taylor is kind even if I'm wearing a jacket!) and then if on a Sunday or a Holiday, measurements are taken and logged. I did say OCD defined, yes?

I hope to someday be happy weighing in once a month, and not being defined by what that scale says. Will it ever happen? Not sure. My OCD begs to differ.

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